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3 Things We

Sep 14, 2015 :: 0 Comments

Household Tasks

Mopping floors, vacuuming, clearing the gutters, and cleaning the bottom of the pool? We may not have a robot maid a la Rosie in The Jetsons, but anything that makes our day-to-day easier gets a thumbs-up from us. We won’t miss the time spent hazarding a ladder or wearing rubber gloves.


Fight Crime

Beyond that an actual crime fighting robot sounds incredibly cute, in reality ‘bots save lives by sniffing out criminals without endangering police officers. These devices can climb stairs, deploy weapons, capture 360-degree video footage, and take control in hostage situations. All in the line of duty!


Improve Human Health

While robots have impacted the medical field in many ways, news sources have been abuzz in recent years about advancements in robotic limbs. Prosthetics that are controlled by the mind and replicate natural movement of the body have already benefitted some amputees.


One Thing We Don’t Love That Robots Do?

Provide customer service. Sure, we may be BFFs with Siri or have chatted with Cleverbot once upon a time, but that doesn’t mean we want to talk to a ‘bot when we are getting things done. We want to know that another living person is listening – and providing helpful, intelligible responses – when we are at pull-out-our-hair-level frustration with a company. In a world increasingly “social,” it’s time for business to be about connecting people, working together, and leaving the robots to what they do best, like cleaning carpets.


Kill the robot, take control of your customer service.

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