Our Team

CEO, Outdoorsman

Michael Kansky

Michael is our founder, CEO and fishing buff. His entrepreneurial spirit and surplus of wisdom is what keeps this well-oiled machine running. Michael works endlessly on our business goals so that any spare time he has can be spent wandering the woods.

Operations, Tattoo Enthusiast

Janna Kline

Janna is our lively Account Manager and comedy relief. She makes it a point to stay connected to our clients and the vision they have for their business, while maintaining the record for highest laughs in the office. When Janna’s not organizing ongoing operations, she’s probably getting another tattoo.

Developer, Woodworker

Eric Witchin

Eric is our Senior Technical Genius and whiskey connoisseur. When he’s not programming or building system features, he can be found in his garage building homemade woodworking projects. If Nick Offerman and Elon Musk had a child, it would be Eric.

Onboarding Specialist, Soccer Enthusiast

Jeton Aliu

Jeton is our Onboarding Specialist and soccer fan. When he is not watching or playing soccer he helps the company organize, steamline, and oversee the onboarding process for new hires into our company. He is a good team player and brings a lot of determination and enthusiasm to the team.
Jeton Aliu
Customer Expert, Hockey Nut

Chad Lower

Chad is our Creative Solutions Artisan. As a lead live chat agent, hockey fan and adult Pokemon trainer, Chad goes above and beyond to guarantee success. He brings a level of ingenuity and adventure to the group. Even though he thinks “he’s not a very exciting person.”

Marketing, Dog Lover

Jessica Wise

When she’s not cuddling her dogs and rocking out to Stevie Nicks, Jess is hard at work managing our social media, writing blogs on current customer service and customer experience topics and creating marketing collateral for HelpSquad’s team.

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