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Custom Landing Pages
That Convert Web Traffic Into Sales

HelpSquad designs custom landing pages with one goal in mind. We want to help our clients convert their website visitors into leads. Online ad campaigns that utilize landing pages typically see a conversion rate improvement of at least 25%. So, fill us in on the objectives of your next ad campaign. We’ll deliver a beautifully crafted webpage that has a user-friendly form that will capture all of the information you need to turn your leads into sales.

    Experience up to an 1800% increase in views in 3 months!
    How do we know? Because we've already done it!

    Increase your number of landing pages, and you’ll increase your number of leads. Companies that have increased their number of landing pages from 10 to 15 have seen a 55% increase in leads.

    Custom Landing Page 1
    Custom Landing Page 2
    Custom Landing Page 3

    Holistic Service

    We take care of everything. When you hire HelpSquad to create custom landing pages for your website, we’ll deliver a product that has been fostered through every stage of design and development.  In addition, your project will be managed by an account manager that will serve as your sole, consistent point of contact throughout the entire process. When all is said and done, we’ll have turned your campaign goals into a results-driven landing page.

    One-Size Doesn’t Fit All

    When we say the words “custom,” that’s exactly what we mean. Every client’s needs are different. Every ad campaign has its own unique calls-to-action and objectives. We’re here to give your landing page the tailor-made look and functionality that your brand needs.

    Constant Specialist Support

    We pride ourselves on having one of the best relationships a service provider can have with their clients. Your account manager will always be up-to-date on the current state of your project. At each stage of development, our team will provide you with updates and sample drafts. If you have questions or a new idea, we’re just a phone call, an email, or a Facebook message away.

    Integrate With
    Your Marketing Tools

    Your new landing page will work in conjunction with your favorite marketing tools. As lead data comes in, the webpage will be designed to automatically export the collected information to your CRM of choice. If your team has a Google Analytics account, you can provide us with your tracking ID. You will then be able to monitor and analyze your landing page traffic and conversions in real-time.

    It's as easy as ...


    Specifing your needs and creating the strategy

    The first thing we'll do is ask all the right questions. What do you want your landing page to feel and look like? What are your campaign objectives? HelpSquad's team will take your vision and turn it into a landing page that will increase traffic, capture leads, and produce results.


    Executing the plan: design, development and launch

    Once we know what will go into developing your custom landing page, we'll begin drafting the design. Our team will create mockups and periodically get your feedback throughout the development stage to make sure we're headed in the right direction.


    Review the results and optimize the performance

    We will meet with you to analyze how the newly implemented landing pages are influencing your website traffic. Have sales increased? Are there spikes in traffic during certain times? We'll help you identify any areas that need improvement and tweak the pages accordingly.

    We are more than a landing page builder.

    We’re not just landing page builders. We’re an award-winning software and solutions provider. HelpSquad’s team has advanced experience in digital marketing, web design & development and live chat agent sales & support services.  We have the knowledge and ability. We’ll give you the power.


    No brand is exactly the same. Every client brings something new and unique to the table. That's why we'll create a custom design that will provide optimal functionality, while also remaining cohesive with your brand's look.

    Free Chat Widget

    Your landing page will automatically be equipped with HelpSquad's live chat service widget. You can choose to manage the widget yourself, or you can hire our agents to do it for you.


    The HelpSquad team is available for 24/7 support. We'll be there when you need us.

    Easy To

    Your team will have full access to the back-end of your landing pages. You can edit your content at any time. No technical expertise required.


    When it comes to data security, HelpSquad has you covered. All of our platforms are protected by state-of-the-art encryption. All of our software is also HIPPA and PCI compliant.

    Real People
    At Your Service

    When you partner with HelpSquad, you'll never have to experience the frustration of trying to get support from a chatbot or an automated system. We have real people on hand 24/7.

    Success Stories

    We’ve helped hundreds of clients increase their conversions and make an impression on the web. It is one thing to start a relationship. It is another to ensure that every client walks away feeling excited about their experience. We always go the extra mile. It’s not just about ticking off checkboxes.

    Success stories - what results do we create?


    Increased amount of leads

    The web and mobile development projects we have completed for our customers have increased leads by as much as 1800%.


    Increased sales of your product

    Our clients have seen as much as a 750% increase in sales after implementing their new In'saneLab created mobile and web applications.


    Job applications gathered in employee branding campaign

    Its not always about leads and sales. We've even helped one of our clients garner as many as 1000+ job applications during an employee branding campaign.

    Any More Questions?

    • How can I trust HelpSquad to interact with my customers?

      This is a great question and We'd imagine you've seen first-hand how quality of service and creating a rapport can factor into a deal closing...often more so than cost. We certainly understand this concern at HelpSquad and truly value the importance of your brand's reputation. Our Squads are highly-screened and trained to ensure you have comfort with their approach, strategy, and style. This is something we take very seriously and was a major factor in why we started this business. We thought other providers fell short in this department and, as a result, companies were missing out on opportunities to take advantage of the benefits of a strategic live chat sales & marketing strategy.

    • Is HelpSquad right for my business?

      We believe we can help any business grow, but we tend to be the best fit for companies that need a personal touch to help convey the value of their offering. Customers love live chat because it's like a personal concierge for your web site, and it shows them you care. We help clients across all types of industries, since the personal approach to selling and conveying value is something customers expect these days. We'd love to prove to you we're worth it, so why don't you sign up for a free trial and see for yourself? You've got nothing to lose!

    • Does HelpSquad get me leads?

      YES! And we help you convert leads into sales & meetings that we can put on your calendar for you. One way we do this is by proactively chatting with your site's visitors, using our award-winning software to target visitors "more likely to buy." We also use industry tactics we've developed through the years as well as provide free recommendations on what needs to be done on your website to increase conversions. Sign up for a free trial and see how we do it.

    • What type of people are on my HelpSquad?

      All of our HelpSquads are comprised of US-Based expert communicators, savvy salespeople, and tech gurus. This combination of skill sets is hard to find, which is why HelpSquad hires 1% of applicants and puts them through a rigorous training program to ensure they have the skills, intellect, and personality to chat with your prospective & existing customers just like you would.

    • How is HelpSquad so cheap? Are you overseas or robots?

      Our prices may be cheap but not at the expense of our customers. All of our squads are real, highly-educated, US-based specialists with diverse skill sets and expertises. Our squads work on multiple businesses at a time, so that's how we keep prices down. We know how important it is to know the people on your Squad, so we always set up an initial video call so you can meet the Squad and they can meet you.

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