Chatbots for intelligent routing and prequalification before hand-off to live agents.

Let us build an “AI”, “Decision Tree” or an “NLP” chat bot and only have our agents take chats when customers are stuck or find it unhelpful.

Our recommendation is to use our Chat Bot service to build a bot with responsibility of filtering out unqualified requests and to intelligently route chat requests to the correct HelpSquad team best suited to help the customer.

"ChatBot" is a buzz word. Is it here to last or is it just a phase caused by Covid?

Chatbots are set out to be the silver bullet to solving all customer service issues.

The claim: no more humans, chat bot is the better alternative!

But is it really?

What HelpSquad ChatBots do?

Our intelligent chat bots can process natural language, can incorporate decision trees and can communicate with any external APIs to send or retrieve data.


Customer service BPO company offering chat bot feature is strange and unfitting, so we design chat bots only with having easy access to live agents in mind so at any point a customer can request a live agent and get one!


Here are some examples of what our Bots can do:


  1. Answer common questions
  2. Prequalify
  3. Route
  4. Perform mathematical calculations
  5. Send and retrieve data from external API and act upon it conditionally
  6. Capture contact information with immediate forward via SMS or Email
  7. Schedule appointments



Companies are publishing "all knowing", "AI" chat bots thinking the job is done. My customers are taken cared of now. But do you personally like using chat bots? Did you ever have a good experience with them?

If your business can provide 24/7 live agent support, you are already ahead of your competition.  Outsource your customer service to HelpSquad shared, fractional or dedicated agents who are capable of providing personal, helpful and “handle with care” support to your customers. If you would like us to put a prequalifying or routing chat bot before transfer to live agent, no problem!


Let your competition torture and lose their customers with dumb interactions such as these:


humans cannot replace chat botsbad chat bot

"Our university incorporated a chat bot thinking it will solve our ever growing number of student inquiries. After about 6 months running and hundreds of student complaints we turn to HelpSquad managed chat bot service. Our students now have an opportunity to talk to live agent anytime during or after chat bot interaction. We are happy, our students are happy, our chat bot is getting more intelligence every day now based on HelpSquad fielded interactions. Do not wait to try this service."

– Satisfied HelpSquad Higher Education Client

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

Our friendly chat support agents are here to answer your questions about our managed chat bot service. HelpSquad BPO has omnichannel support solutions for businesses of any size, helping businesses outsource chat, email, SMS/Texting, phone, social media customer support as well as knowledge base management, and we’re committed to helping you find the right plan to meet your needs. Fill out the form on the right, and one of our team members will be in touch shortly!


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