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What is
“HelpSquad Ideas?”

Network of experts sharing ideas worth sharing for their subject manner expertise

“Being in the service industry for over 20 years, it had become apparent that a community where participants can contribute their versions of education was necessary to connect those who are like-minded. Collaborating with a community with unique sets of skills, knowledge and experience translates into tangible rewards for those who are looking to raise their level of understanding to new heights.

We started the HelpSquad community so that experts can share their wisdom and efforts to educate those looking to further their comprehension on a subject. It’s an avenue to discover new ideas and services or outsource your own innovative ideas and varying knowledge. Sharing your professional expertise should be easy and comfortable. Through HelpSquad’s community you are given the opportunity for self-expression and helping others learn. It ingrains what you know, expands what you want to know, and can establish your reputation as an expert!”

Michael Kansky, CEO