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Live Chat Agents For The Transportation Service Industry

As the owner of a growing small business, you know all too well that there are never enough hours in the day. You want to take your luxury car service company to the next level, but you could use some assistance handling the steady stream of customer inquiries and reservations that are rolling in around the clock. It would be a dream realized to allocate a portion of your profits towards purchasing additional vehicles for your fleet as opposed to spending tens of thousands of dollars per year to hire one or more full-time customer service representatives. But, what if HelpSquad could help you do both? Our professionally trained, US-based live chat agents are waiting in the wings to answer your customers’ questions, schedule trips and offer instant price quotes for as little as $95/month.

Heck… with how much money HelpSquad is going to save you …you can buy two new vehicles for your fleet (and maybe a couple sets of those fuzzy dice for good measure).

    Luxury Transportation Services

    You provide the stretch limo. We’ll make sure it’s filled with passengers.
    Now, THAT’s something to honk your horn about.

    Stretch Limo - Live Chat Agents For the Transportation Service Industry

    24/7 Live Chat Agents For Professional Car Service Companies

    In most instances, customers will browse your website prior to booking a trip with your car service company. There is also a good chance that potential clients will stop by your page to seek answers to their most pressing travel questions.

    These days convenience and technology play a major role in a traveler’s decision-making. If interested visitors cannot quickly and easily find answers on your website, they will not hesitate to hit the back button on their web browser and continue to scroll their way through an extensive list of Google search results that are bustling with competitors.

    It’s clear that we are living in an age where instant gratification is king…that’s where HelpSquad comes in.


    Our HelpSquad agents utilize LiveHelpNow’s cutting-edge, live chat technology to field customer inquiries 24/7 in real-time. Our representatives will become experts on your business, and your website visitors will be greeted and offered assistance as if a member of your own team were standing by.

    According to industry publication Luxury & Coach Transportation, 79% of businesses that offer live chat see a positive impact on sales, revenue, and customer loyalty. HelpSquad will transform your website from merely an informational platform into a live customer service, lead generation and conversion tool.

    Let’s start turning leads into reservations and untapped revenue.

    24/7 Live Chat Service - 14 day Free Trial

    Start converting more leads into sales & meetings today!

    Your visitors are gone in 8 seconds. Your website needs Live Chat 24x7

    HelpSquad is here to help

    • Live Chat, Two-Way Texting and Facebook communication platform
    • HIPAA and PCI compliant live chat software included free
    • 24x7 US Based, highly trained Live Chat Agents
    • Agents go through vigorous training
    • Instant lead and chat transcript forwarding
    • Appointment scheduling
    • FAQ creation and maintenance
    • Any CRM integration
    • Enterprise level reports
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Live in as little as 48 hours
    • 24x7 Support at 1-877-775-3667 or via live chat