How COVID-19 is Changing Health Insurance

Lowen Anders loved her job. For six years, Lowen worked as a freelance contractor for an architecture firm that valued sustainability and the overall health of the environment. As part of her contract, the firm offered her a comfortable salary and health benefits. Because offering freelance employees health insurance benefits wasn’t required, Lowen knew how … Continued

Unemployment Insurance During COVID-19

March 10, 2020. The date will stick out in Lowen Anders’ head for years. It’s the date she got the call that said schools were closing because of COVID-19. Lowen was laid-off.  Lowen had been a freelance contractor for the New York City school system for six years teaching architecture in elementary and middle schools. … Continued

Small Business Survival: Dos and Don’t During Coronavirus Pandemic

Spring brings new beginnings. Spring 2020, however, brought some other things with it.  The coronavirus pandemic came unexpectedly and stopped the world in its tracks.   With it came uncertainty, fear, and anxiety to many American business owners. With social distancing measures and closures ordered nationwide, small business survival became a major issue. On a typical … Continued

COVID-19: Our Response to Global Outbreak

In the midst of global COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to give into the panic.  Schools and business closures, grocery and supplies shortages, and announcements of new cases of the coronavirus daily have all of us worried. Uncertainty is upon us and it’s hard to tell what will happen tomorrow or even a few hours from … Continued