5 Technologies That Will Be Driving Customer Experience In 2021

By: Stella Lincoln

Without any doubt, customer support agent performance is one of the most important factors in a company’s growth. About 86% of customers say they will stop buying due to poor customer experience, which costs companies more than $62 billion annually. This is why being a knowledgeable and emotionally intelligent customer service professional is so important. … Continued

By: Jessica Wise

High demand and limited staff.  Small businesses have faced this dilemma across the nation. Dental practices are no exception.  During these fluid and challenging times, many practices have had to struggle to provide their patients with the same customer experience they received prior to the pandemic.  In business for more than 30 years, Maria Rhode, … Continued

By: Rebecca Shinn

Effective communication skills with clients are key to operating a healthy and successful business. Communicating well with customers has a positive impact, and it is one of the ways to ensure repeat business and continuity. Entrepreneurs should always strive to leave customers satisfied and confident in their brand. For instance, if you are running online … Continued

By: Brett Farmiloe

What is one way to improve customer experience for small businesses?  To help you improve customer experience, we asked business leaders this question for their insights. From having a customer success team to creating an emotional connection, there are several ways to provide the right customer experience. Here are 14 tips to getting it right … Continued

By: Ray Ko

If you walked into a cluttered store with questionable cleanliness, broken items scattered about and advertised sale prices that somehow disappeared at the register, what would you do? Most likely, you’d turn around and walk out. Then, you’d tell your family, friends, coworkers, and anyone who would listen to NEVER shop there.   Believe or it … Continued

By: Vlad Orlov

Customer satisfaction remains a critical aspect of any business looking for ways to differentiate itself and retain customers. According to studies, the average American consumer tells 16 other customers about a bad customer experience.   It’s no secret that unresolved negative customer experiences can be damaging for brands. According to extensive research, you need an … Continued

By: Stacy Sherman, MBA, CX Certified

Why does the employee experience matter just as much, if not more than the customer experience? In a recent episode of the Customer Service Secrets Podcast, I joined Gabe Larsen and Vikas Bhambri from Kustomer to discuss why this is true and other incredibly insightful employee experience best practices. You can hear the full episode below to learn more. … Continued

By: Bhavik Soni

Social media and e-commerce go hand in hand. Each is dependent on the other because social media plays a pivotal role in determining the success or failure of any e-commerce business. Both also have a major impact on the quality of the online user experience with your brand.  For instance, 88% of online shoppers say … Continued

By: Matthew Stern

The customer experience (CX) refers to the impression consumers have of your brand as a whole throughout the entire buyer’s journey.  A positive customer experience is vital to the success of your business. And, every business should strive to exceed its customers’ expectations in order to retain them as long-term loyalists.  However, in today’s highly … Continued