Employee Motivation

Author: Dr Joseph Reed

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Motivated Employees, The MOST Important Factor For Motivation

Have you ever been to a sporting event where the stadium was completely silent?  Me neither.  The coaches, teammates and fans are motivating the players through bursts of enthusiasm and spirited encouragement to do the best they can. Can you imagine if these players were surrounded by disengaged coaches and uninvested fans? Talk about blasé. Is it safe to say that their performance would decline? We do. Motivation fuels performance.


How do you motivate those in your work organizations? Do you offer incentives? Do you tell employees that they might lose our job if they don’t turn in their best work? Or do you motivate them with the notion that they play a role in the success of your team or business? Both fear and incentives, while they may get the job done right now, usually result in temporary motivation. We should strive for long term motivation by inspiring others to develop a sense of personal satisfaction. We can’t afford to devalue the thrill of achievement. The reward is substantial when we can positively change the way someone feels about themselves.


The motivational climate of many of our work organizations presumably aren’t as positive as they could or should be. When given the opportunity, allow employees to share their ideas, make them feel heard and that their opinions matter.  Create a fun, relaxed environment that supports balance. Crack a joke, a smile, say “Good Morning” instead of the forlorn head nod. Motivation is going to begin at the top and trickle down. You would be surprised to discover how many managers focus on the wrong tactics of motivation. Check out our video that talks about building the BEST motivation climate! 

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