Did You Know You Could Re-Sell HelpSquad live chat service?

19 Sep 2017 By: Jacklin Altman

Updated: 12 Jan 2023

You already know that HelpSquad is your full live chat service solution for providing incredible webchat customer service, 24/7.  But did you know that you could re-sell HelpSquad under your own brand, to your own clients? Re-selling HelpSquad is the easiest way to provide a spectacular service to your clients and generate extra income for your business all without lifting a finger.

Take this example:

You’re a marketing firm that specializes in marketing to dentists. You already provide the standard suite of marketing services to your client, but what else can you offer that will set you apart from every other firm?
You can offer them a full-suite, 24/7 customer service solution under your brand.

Here’s how it works:

  • You become a re-selling affiliate partner of HelpSquad.
  • Market the service under your brand, there is no mention of HelpSquad anywhere. For instance, the chat windows would say “Powered by Your Company”
  • Your clients (and your client’s clients) receive incredible, around-the-clock customer support, leaving both parties extremely satisfied.
  • HelpSquad manages the inquiries and the workload, you just manage the client relationship.
  • No cap markup! That means you can mark our service cost up 50% or 1000% to sell to your clients. For example our Started plan is only $95 per month, which is sold for up to $550 by our nearly matched competition.
HelpSquad does the work, you get the credit — doesn’t get much better than that. Contact us to become a live chat re-seller partner today at  info at  helpsquad dot com, chat or call 877-775-3667.