Our Story

The Journey to HelpSquad

The journey to HelpSquad’s founding was inspired by the most important people we know…our customers. And, it’s vision was brought to life with the help of our sister company, LiveHelpNow.


“Bring superior, affordable and tailored 24/7 customer support to every business.” – HelpSquad’s Vision Statement

In 2005, HelpSquad’s founder, Michael Kansky, first founded LiveHelpNow, a SaaS company that provides live chat software to businesses that wish to offer quality, live customer support on their websites.


Over the next 10 years, LiveHelpNow flourished, helping thousands of companies connect with their customers on the web. But, during that time, our team also noticed that a steady trend had begun to emerge in the world of customer support…some of our clients had greater needs than our software alone could provide.

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As digital communications grew in popularity, the constant influx of online support requests began to overwhelm many of LiveHelpNow’s clients. Their businesses were thriving, but they now had customers reaching out to them online around the clock, and they didn’t have the manpower to provide 24/7 support. Soon, we were receiving daily requests for a solution. 


And so, the idea for HelpSquad was born. Michael decided it was time to create a company that would supply live, 24/7 support agents to growing companies. He began visiting successful contact centers to conduct research and monitor their operations. He wanted to build the best team of support agents the world had ever seen!


After much brainstorming and analysis, he realized that the best strategy for servicing numerous companies and thousands of people wasn’t one large contact center, but multiple smaller teams of highly-skilled support agents. He mapped out a plan for multi-person “squads” of support agents (the origin of the name HelpSquad). 


Each squad would have an account manager and a coach. The account manager would handle all account settings while the coach would relay the details to their squad. This structure would help ensure the high quality of HelpSquad’s support services. 


In 2015, Michael Kansky’s vision became HelpSquad. More recently, HelpSquad has become a full service BPO and hires virtual assistants and customer support reps for companies globally. Since HelpSquad has been brought to life, we have helped thousands of businesses provide superior support to their customers. 

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