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HelpSquad live Virtual Assistants (VA) will take over any task and send your team’s productivity to the next level. Dedicated Virtual Assistants can answer emails, manage chats and answer phone calls. VAs can work in your CRM, schedule meetings, handle customer service, and so much more. Hire a Virtual Assistant for bookkeeping, data entry, research, or any job at your small to midsize business.


Make a list of business tasks that you no longer want to do yourself and HelpSquad VAs can take over. Full- and part-time agents are available. HelpSquad will ensure you have the perfect candidate to fill any role. Your team can manage agent training or just leave it to HelpSquad supervisors. 


If you are looking for a virtual assistant, there is no need to spend countless hours on “Virtual assistant wanted” hiring campaigns to find the right VA. We have a pool of multilingual, vetted and screened agents ready to join your team.

HelpSquad Virtual Assistants are screened for grammar, spelling, and typing capabilities. Phone assistants will have the clarity of speech you expect. Only the highest performance agents qualify.

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US Based company and management team
Serving legal, home, business, financial industries for 15+ years
Trained on your business’s systems, software, and processes
Eliminate office space, equipment, and employee training costs
Fully versed on industry best practices
Appointment and meeting scheduling
Qualified lead capture
Customer order processing
Research, Troubleshooting and Technical support
24/7 coverage available
HIPAA and PCI compliance
Dedicated account manager
24/7 Support at 1-877-775-3667 or via live chat
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Cost savings

Virtual Assistant costs will be less than you expect. Whether you are need a full-time or part-time remote virtual assistant, HelpSquad will save you money. Avoid overhead costs like new office space and buying equipment that come with adding an in-house employee. When you hire a VA, they will be located in a call center where all their equipment is provided and data security is a priority. All you need to do is give them access to any software or tools they’ll need to access. 


Dedicated and Part-Time Virtual Assistant package pricing for small businesses starts at only $695 per month.




Flexible Hours and 24x7 Coverage

If you need a full-time or part-time live Virtual Assistants to be available around the clock, you have come to the right place. Hire a VA for regular business hours or cover after-hours and weekend service when customers demand it but your team is taking a much needed break. 


HelpSquad also offers a shared managed chat service so you can staff your web chat 24×7. It has never been easier to get work done and increase sales while you sleep.

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Build a Team You Can Trust

You never know what you’re going to get with a freelance virtual assistant who is working remotely somewhere in the world. Language barriers can often impact communication with customers and your team. With HelpSquad Virtual Assistants, you’ll be assigned to a US-based account manager and your VA will be based in a physical contact center where supervisors will ensure prompt attendance and tight data security. Hiring a freelance virtual assistant will mean more work for you, while a HelpSquad virtual assistant can get coaching and supervision from the on-site HelpSquad team.

Live Virtual Assistant Efficiency


Virtual Assistants for hire! With live Virtual Assistants, you can start small and grow when you need more help. Virtual assistants for small businesses are the ideal fit. Hire a single VA with a specific focus then add additional VAs that take on additional roles and use cases. When you are ready to scale up, just let your account manager know and we will grow your team in 30 days or less. As your team grows, weekly reporting makes it easy to monitor the performance of your virtual assistants.

Kofile Technologies

"They are a professional who has always proven themselves trustworthy and beneficial to our support staff."

Spark Orthodontics

"Good communication between company and customer!"

N.J. Hair Center

"It's like having someone there 24/7 to answer questions and provide information to customers. They are a great company, exceptional service, and reasonable prices for what they offer."

Mason Bottle

"The price is excellent for the quality of the service. Agents and coaches learn quickly and give customers and prospects an authentic experience with our brand. We are able to spot patterns via customer interactions with the chat to help improve our business, as well as increase customer satisfaction."

MultiSoft Corportation

"They handle all of our live support 24x7x365. Awesome customer service!!!"

Simple Agency Oy

"Agents will learn how to answer the top questions prospects ask custom to YOUR business."

Customer Service KPIs explained

18 Questions You Should Ask Yourself To Develop Effective Virtual Assistant KPIs

In this eBook, we will highlight 6 of the most common service KPI’s and present 18 questions you should ask yourself in order to ensure the measurements you capture deliver high value, actionable data.


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