Reselling HelpSquad's 24/7 Live Support Services

Instantly offer US Based, 24/7 live support to your clients under your brand.

Packages are priced to allow up to 500% markup!

Customizable support services that are designed to be sold under your brand!

Support Service Simplified

Offering live support services on your own can be complicated and expensive! We simplify the process for you! If you’re in the B2B sector, then you are often asked by your clients to recommend a support solution for their websites. We’re a solution you can recommend to them with confidence. 

Make Our Service Yours

Our services are designed to be white-labeled (a.k.a. completely customizable). You’ll be able to sell HelpSquad’s support service to your clients as if it’s your own! All branding, including chat windows can be changed to your company name, colors and logo.

A Leader You Can Follow

HelpSquad is a leader in the customer service industry. Since inception, we have successfully helped countless businesses offer superior support to their customers. Our headquarters is US-based with global contact centers that serve businesses in over 24 countries. HelpSquad tends to show positive results within the first week of implementation. Our customer  turnover rate of less than 2% speaks for itself. Become a HelpSquad partner today!

You've got clients interested in outsourcing chat and phone? We've got solutions.

Our friendly support agents are here to answer your questions. HelpSquad is an omnichannel support solution perfect for interested resellers of any size, and we’re committed to being a partner you can trust. Fill out the form on the right, and one of our team members will be in touch shortly!


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