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50 FAQs

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Included key features in all plans

Weekly Chat Metric Reports

Each week you will receive a report that contains chat stats for the week prior. This is a great way to compare our chat data with your marketing efforts and to see how our collaboration is improving your business.

Custom Lead Form Integration

HelpSquad can customize a Lead/Support form that contains pertinent fields, obtaining essential info in chat that is then forwarded to your team via email or text. We can also create shortcuts for our agents to use your already existing public CRM form via URL link.

ADA, PCI Certified & HIPPA Compliant

The LiveHelpNow platform our agents utilize is PCI certified and HIPAA & GDPR compliant.

Account Management & Quality Assurance

Once signed up, your coach and account manager will continuously obtain feedback from you as chats are reviewed to maintain a high level of quality and effectiveness.

Real-Time Chat Transcripts

Our communication platform will automatically forward chat transcripts in real time once completed by our team.

Collaborative FAQ Composition

We will collaborate with you to compose friendly chat responses based on your business’s most common Q&A’s. Then, we will continue to perfect and expand upon the established Q&A’s as we progress and learn more about your business and customers.

Facebook Integration

We will provide you with a link to integrate your social media FB page with our chat platform where all your direct messages can be forwarded to our chat team for 24/7 support.

SMS Integration

SMS text messaging is a simple and effective way to engage with your mobile users. We can configure your US landline to obtain SMS text messages which will forward to our team of agents that are managing your chat. It’s extremely user friendly and a great way to stay connected!

Add-on: Chatbot

HelpSquad is experienced in designing and implementing chatbots which can answer easy questions and deflect chats and phone calls. AI bots with Natural Language Processing (NLP) also available.

Add-on: Take your chats with our agents as backup

If your agents want to take chats when they're available, no problem! HelpSquad agents can be available when your team is busy and/or during nights and weekends.

HelpSquad’s dedicated agents are here to provide you with a more advanced support approach. Apart from our shared agents, employing a dedicated agent, or a team of dedicated agents will allow us to provide additional training on your internal processes, databases, ordering protocols as well as given

direct access to customer details to better assist in chat. Your dedicated agent is given these additional resources beyond just the FAQ knowledge base and will manage your account exclusively just as an internal hired employee would but for half the price!


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