Part-Time Customer Service Agents TO PROVIDE QUALITY SUPPORT

Provide quality support at a lower cost with our professional chat and voice customer service agents trained to be experts on your business, provide customer support, and generate leads. Service coming in 2023!

It is up to 90% cheaper to hire a part-time customer support agent than it is to hire a full-time, salaried employee or a temp.

Part-Time Agents That Truly Represent Your Brand

HelpSquad’s part-time customer support representatives (CSRs) will answer your customers’ questions by chat and email, produce quotes, dispatch follow-ups, schedule appointments, manage orders, provide technical support, and more. Our fractional agents will be trained on your business’s systems and processes and will dedicate at least 1/4 of their workday to focus solely on your business. This will allow your staff to focus on more complex tasks, while also ensuring that your customers are receiving personalized, superior support.

Professional, Highly Trained Part-Time Customer Service Agents

Our fractional customer service agents are rigorously screened for grammar, spelling and typing capabilities, and only those with the highest performance scores become members of our CSR squad. We also perform voice assessments, which allows our clients to choose agents with a tone and personality that will best represent their brand. 

High-Quality Support For A Steal Of A Price

It is up to 90% cheaper to hire a fractional customer support agent than it is to hire a full-time, salaried employee or a temp. Plus, you can scale the service to fit your business’s needs. Hire just one part-time agent or an entire team. Coming to HelpSquad in 2023! Fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss a plan that’s right for your business!

"Their service is outstanding. Their staff is extremely professional and accommodating. Any issues we have had, which were minor, were quickly addressed. When our leads slowed due to the time of the year they switched our monthly plans without question."

MultiSoft Corporation

Kofile Technologies

"They are a professional who has always proven themselves trustworthy and beneficial to our support staff."

Spark Orthodontics

"Good communication between company and customer!"

N.J. Hair Center

"It's like having someone there 24/7 to answer questions and provide information to customers. They are a great company, exceptional service, and reasonable prices for what they offer."

Mason Bottle

"The price is excellent for the quality of the service. Agents and coaches learn quickly and give customers and prospects an authentic experience with our brand. We are able to spot patterns via customer interactions with the chat to help improve our business, as well as increase customer satisfaction."

MultiSoft Corportation

"They handle all of our live support 24x7x365. Awesome customer service!!!"

Simple Agency Oy

"Agents will learn how to answer the top questions prospects ask custom to YOUR business."
HelpSquad is here to help

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US Based company and management team
Highly trained live chat and voice agents
Trained on your business’s systems, software, and operations
Eliminate office space, equipment, and employee training costs
Fully versed on industry best practices
Appointment and meeting scheduling
Qualified lead capture
Customer order processing
Troubleshooting and technical support
24/7 coverage available
Dedicated account manager for your business
24/7 Support at 1-877-775-3667 or via live chat

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