Live Chat Answering Service integrated with Thryv

Offer customers an interactive 24/7 chat online, across 40+ Thryv listings sites, and on your website.

Seamlessly Integrate Live Chat With Thryv

The Thryv powered Client Portal is easy for customers to log in, get directions, and send you a message. But how many of your customers or prospects never do any of it and simply leave because they had a question which was not answered?


Have our live chat agents ensure your customers have a live person to talk to no matter what time of the day they arrive at your Thryv powered page.


The industry your company is in, is incredibly competitive. Those hoping to crash competition can benefit from a partnership with the HelpSquad managed live chat answering service.


Here are the benefits of Integrating HelpSquad directly into your Thryv business management software:


  • Customer questions instantly answered via text, Facebook messenger or web chat
  • Greater customer satisfaction and trust
  • Cost-effective live chat solution with incredible ROI
  • Turn-key customer support and acquisition solution
  • 24/7/365 managed live chat support, two-way texting, and Facebook Messenger
  • ADA, HIPAA and PCI compliant live chat software included free
  • US based and trained, dedicated live agents
  • Instant lead and chat transcript forwarding
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Enterprise level reports
  • Dedicated account manager


Start 14 day free trial today to see what we can do for your top line.

Starts at only $185/month for up to 50 leads captured!

Solve customer support and lead conversion hassle once and for all

We’re so confident in our Live Chat answering service that we’re currently featuring a free, 2 weeks trial of our 24-hour live receptionist coverage. See what we can do.

Simple pricing, no surprises

Pricing starts at $185/month for up to 50 inquiries


Pay as your organization grows– we have a plan for every size business and budget.


Start 14 day trial today to see our quality and dedication.

Simple Custom Installation

Easy installation by simply copying and pasting our snippet of code to your Thryv client portal,  landing page, google listing or simply displaying “Text this number for help” signs on your social media listings, website and email signatures.


Whether you need our agents to assist your existing support team part-time, or you need a full-time team to help manage your customer support, we have the solution that best fits with your business.


Live Chat Solution that Pays for Itself

Offer customers a personalized support online to book, pay and communicate with your business on any channel they prefer. Whether it is a web chat, SMS, email or Social Media Messengers


With our own US Patents Nos. 9,178,950 and 9,584,375; and US located call-center, we are fully dedicated to your organizational growth and success. 



Supercharge your Thryv account and build a quality reputation with HelpSquad 24-7 text answering services

With Thryv management solutions you can have complete control over all online listings for your business across Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more than 40 other top sites.


Thryv will power your client login portal and even publish a mobile friendly website for your business.


Imagine powering all of these online assets with live humans ready to answer any of your customers’ questions 24-7!

This is where HelpSquad live chat answering service fits like a missing puzzle piece.


For example, when surveyed, 44% of customers say that having questions answered by a live person is one of the most important features a business can offer. Additionally, 51% of customers want businesses to be available 24/7, and 63% of millennials prefer to have their basic customer support queries answered by live chat or text.


Offer your customers the convenience they need and the support they require with HelpSquad’s live chat agents. Our team will help increase sales, reduce customer support costs, and improve customer satisfaction for your business no matter how complex it is. Sign up for a 14 day free trial today to see what we can do for you!

“Meet HelpSquad. The live chat team of agents trusted by over 4,000 businesses with their most important asset: Their customers!”


Trusted by These Valued Partners:

Kofile Technologies

"They are a professional who has always proven themselves trustworthy and beneficial to our support staff."

Mason Bottle

"The price is excellent for the quality of the service. Agents and coaches learn quickly and give customers and prospects an authentic experience with our brand. We are able to spot patterns via customer interactions with the chat to help improve our business, as well as increase customer satisfaction."

MultiSoft Corportation

"They handle all of our live support 24x7x365. Awesome customer service!!!"

N.J. Hair Center

"It's like having someone there 24/7 to answer questions and provide information to customers. They are a great company, exceptional service, and reasonable prices for what they offer."

Simple Agency Oy

"Agents will learn how to answer the top questions prospects ask custom to YOUR business."

Spark Orthodontics

"Good communication between company and customer!"