HelpSquad revolutionizes how academic institutions interact with current and prospective students, alumni, and faculty by delivering engaging and reliable 24/7 live chat support.

Professional, intelligent live chat agents providing quality support your college, university, or learning program can be proud of.

Don’t Leave Site Visitors Searching

Educational websites are notoriously robust, with tabs upon tabs and hundreds of pages. The internal workings of academic institutions are just as complex. With HelpSquad’s live support agents, visitors will no longer have to scour your website for pertinent information or get bounced from department to department.

Our highly-trained, friendly support agents will save your employees and the public both time and hassle. Whether a prospective student is inquiring about financial aid or an alum is looking to give back, you’ll never lose an opportunity to connect again!

Drive Enrollment

Available 24/7, HelpSquad’s team works as a powerful conversion tool to drive enrollment. Our agents will answer potential students’ questions quickly and accurately. We’ll also use the resources you’ve given us to invite students for campus visits, offer financial aid or discuss the course catalog. 

When students seek to continue their education, they have thousands of options at their disposal. HelpSquad will make your institution stand out by proactively assisting prospective students and providing an exceptional customer experience.

"We wanted to provide multiple platforms for students to engage with our admissions team. HelpSquad helped us do that! Easy implementation and quality service!"

– Satisfied HelpSquad Client

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

Our friendly support agents are here to answer your questions. HelpSquad has omnichannel support solutions for academic institutions of any size, and we’re committed to helping you find the right plan to meet your needs. Fill out the form on the right, and one of our team members will be in touch shortly!


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