How Attorneys Can Generate More Business

By: Brett Farmiloe

What is one marketing strategy that lawyers use to promote themselves?  To help legal professionals promote themselves online, we asked marketing professionals and business leaders this question for their best insights. From employing video marketing to blogging opinions on legal questions, there are several strategies that lawyers use to help them market their services to … Continued

By: Jacklin Altman

In today’s digital age, customer service matters more than ever. With the advent of new technology constantly changing the way we do business and get questions answered, it’s no wonder that firms are putting customer service improvements at the forefront of their to-do list. Law offices are no different. In choosing a potential attorney, clients … Continued

By: Jacklin Altman

Every business concerns itself with how to grow and stay profitable, and every industry has its own ways of doing so. The legal industry can be especially tricky, since there are so many options when choosing potential legal representation. This is further complicated in a digital age, where people can spend hours combing different attorneys’ … Continued