Landing Page Psychology: 8 Ways to Make More Sales

By: Dan Kenitz

Read the comment section in any post about procrastination behaviors and you’ll see some version of the same joke: I’ll deal with it later. Funny and all. But procrastination is serious business, and you should deal with it. As in right now. According to one psychologist (Michael Neenan), procrastination isn’t just a little bit harmful. … Continued

By: Natalya Bucuy

Hi, there. Do you need a tissue after watching this?  I sure did.  I’m sorry to make you emotional. But I felt that was the best way to start an article about psychological strategies in marketing.  Duracell there employed one of the great marketing principles – emotional marketing. The connection between parents and children is … Continued

By: Dan Kenitz

I was helping my brother with an estate sale once, and he was having trouble selling what we both thought was the prized item: a perfectly good printer. The printer had no major flaws. It was new-ish. He just didn’t need it anymore. The price was appropriate. In fact, it was a total bargain for … Continued