Improving Your Conversion Rates with Landing Page Video

28 Mar 2019 By: Natalya Bucuy


Land. Watch. Convert.

How posting a video on your website’s landing page can increase conversions.

Landing page videos help information retention

It’s 2019, and we are all very lazy.

Our attention span is short.

Really. Short.

When we see long blocks of text, we scan through them. But, when we see a “Play” button, we press it to watch.   

Humans are visual learners. Movement and noise stimulate our brains, making us retain information more easily. The storytelling aspect of video keeps viewers interested, engaged, and more likely to stick around. 

All of these factors make video a perfect tool to attract, retain, and convert customers. And, your website’s landing page is the perfect place to use video because viewers don’t need to go far from it to reach your Call-to-Action buttons. Your landing page is where your products or services get exposure and your conversions happen.

Antoine Dupont, a digital marketing expert, addresses specific strategies to use on the landing page to increasae conversion rates, and video is most definitely one of them.

So, here are some tips on how to create effective, engaging videos for your landing page.

Keep. Video. Simple. (and Short)

As with most things in life, when it comes to landing pages and the videos you use, less is more.

Whichever video style you pick, keep the video short. Under one minute is ideal, but under three is a must. Also, keep your content and subject matter concise.

Avoid long run-on sentences, that just keep going without getting to the point. You know…the ones that just keep going and going and continue without any real purpose and just go on to make your video seem longer, and take up your viewers’ attention until you finally lose it because he/she has things to do and dinner to make and Netflix to binge. See what happened there? Probably not, since you lost interest and stopped reading this article.

Use similar colors and fonts on your landing page video as you do on your website.
Keep landing page video consistent with your website’s style.

Make Your Landing Page Video’s Style Consistent with Your Website’s Style.

There are various styles of video you can use on your landing page (i.e.animation, product demo, informational, personalized message, comedy, webinars, FAQs, etc.). Whatever video style you pick, remain consistent with your site’s overall style. Have fun with the content, but try to use similar colors, fonts, and other stylistic elements. That way you can keep true to your brand and use your viewers’ valuable attention to keep that brand recognizable in their minds.

Be Informative.

Landing page video should provide information
Make your video informative and to the point.

The best marketing video adds value. Whatever information you put into your production, make sure it’s worth looking at. Explain how your product or service will solve a particular problem or highlight the events what will occur once a potential client engages with the CTA tool on your landing page. The goal is to use your video to get your potential clients’ trust and put their fears to rest.

In order for the visitors to convert, you will need to answer two questions that they will have when they arrive on your landing page. Is this for me? and Can I trust this company? Keep these two questions in mind when you make your video. Don’t use cheap tricks, don’t try to upsell your product. Establish trust and portray your brand as an expert in the field and the solution to your visitor’s problem.

Don’t sell. Don’t brag. Be helpful.

Keep Video Message Positive

Keeping landing page video positive
Use smiling human face as a thumb nail for your landing page video.

Upbeat videos will keep viewers engaged. Use high energy in your content as it will add urgency, excitement, and keep your viewers interested. When selecting a thumbnail for the video, use a smiling human face or another uplifting image as the visual. This will make the site visitors more likely to watch.

If done right, your video will be short, to the point, informative, promote your brand, and be positive and engaging. Then, just sit back and watch as it increases your landing page conversions dramatically.

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