Why You NEED a Great FAQ

By: Scott Lieberman

Excellent 24/7 customer support shows customers you truly care about them. This results in fewer customers abandoning your business and leads to customers spreading positive messages about your company. 24/7 customer support offers an excellent avenue to stimulate fruitful customer support conversations. This can offer insight into future content creation, improve a brand’s overall reputation, … Continued

By: Sahil Kakkar

Your customer support team is always on the front line to resolve customer queries, hear complaints and take feedback.  Their interactions with your customers offer lots of insights related to your business. If you apply them to your marketing strategies, you can get even better results.  But, did you ever think that these conversations can … Continued

By: Jessica Wise

Nothing is stronger and more true than a parent’s love for a child. As a parent, you strive to make sure your children receive the best medical care, deliberate over which schools they should go to and which foods they should eat.  Wanting the best for your child becomes a passion.  Now, imagine taking that … Continued

By: Shelby Shaffer

I remember growing up; my mom always would say, “Shelby, what is the Golden Rule?” I’d giggle and blush (or if called on bad behavior, I’d cross my arms and mumble) “The Golden Rule is to treat others how you want to be treated.” I’m sure you were taught something similar. It’s synonymous with “treat … Continued

By: Shelby Shaffer

It’s 2 am when I wake up and I hear nothing.  via GIPHY Normally, at 2 am, hearing nothing would be ideal.  It’s not a scene out of a horror movie when hearing nothing means there’s a bad man hiding in your house. But it’s the hottest night of the year so far and I … Continued

By: Shelby Shaffer

New things can be scary.  In 1876 when telephones were becoming more and more popular, people were suspicious. It was during a time when few people had firsthand experience with electrical machines.  There were many fears surrounding the telephone. Was it dangerous? Could other people listen in on conversations? Telephone companies had to work hard … Continued

By: Jessica Eyre

Most people loathe going to the doctor’s office. It takes time out of your busy schedule, waits can be annoyingly long, and there’s always the prospect of receiving disappointing or even frightening medical news. There are no two ways about it—a visit to your physician is typically a drag. As such, you don’t often find … Continued

By: Jacklin Altman

If you have an online web-store or online presence of any kind, you need to be offering live chat 24/7.   You first thought is probably something along the lines of “I have customer service agents manning live chat during normal business hours!” In the online space, normal business hours don’t exist. Whatever your normal … Continued

By: Jacklin Altman

We’re living in the age of self-service. Forrester estimates use of web self-service has jumped to ~76%  in 2014 as compared to ~67% in 2012, and it’s only continued to go up from there. People don’t want to spend time waiting to connect with an agent who may or may not be able to answer … Continued