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Resell 24/7 Live Chat Answering Service under your brand

Jan 20, 2018 :: 0 Comments

Are you a digital marketing agency, website development firm, SEO firm, PR firm or a niche industry expert with 200 or more active clients?

If you answered “Yes”, read on!

Live chat software for websites is still a fairly new technology with penetration below 9% across the web. This means only about 9% of websites actually utilize it!   Only about half of those websites that do use live chat actually do it right!

Live chat serves as a game changer for majority of websites since it facilitates real-time communications via embedded into the website chat window between website browsers and businesses to respond to basic pre/post sale questions. There is no doubt that it is extremely effective and convenient.

So why only a small portion of businesses use live chat? The answer is simple, lack of manpower. To enable live chat on a website, business needs to have a staff member behind it to field customer service inquiries and as you know, hiring an additional employee or asking a current employee who is already doing other important daily functions is most of the time not an option.

That is where we come in! HelpSquad provides 24/7 staffed live chat service for websites. We know live chat, we do it professionally, effectively and 24/7/365 so your business is always open for their customers.

Let’s talk money now

HelpSquad can be easily sold under your brand and at your price point!

This is one of the no-brainer, easy-to-sell services you can sell to your existing customers to quickly add to your top line.

If this sounds like something you would like to consider please email today.

Reseller Partners allow HelpSquad to enter a new marketplace and expand our footprint where we otherwise wouldn’t have coverage out of our direct sales team. These markets may be specific vertical in which the Partner has a strong footprint. Other potential markets in which an approach might sense to HelpSquad may be specific regions or market segments where the demographics and on-line behaviours meet the demand of our 24/7 customer service solutions. Benefits. There are various advantages to become a reseller partner of HelpSquad’s staffed on-line engagement solutions.

Here are only a couple:

  1. Adding HelpSquad solutions to the suite of solutions you already provide can help in driving significant top line revenue and robust profits to your business.
  2. HelpSquad delivers best-of breed 24/7 on-line engagement solutions, supplying your clients measurable results by increasing internet sales and decreasing client support costs, all with the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any assisted channel.
  3. Differentiate your team from the competition by offering manned live chat services.
  4. Leveraging HelpSquad experience working with over 2, 500 clients to set up and manage our solutions for your customers. Get in depth sales training, tools and co branded advertising material, and event advertising.

Does your website have live chat?

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