Website Differentiators: Convert Over the Competition

By: Brett Farmiloe

Give an example of how a 24/7 live chat feature can boost SEO for your website? To help you determine the SEO benefits of implementing 24/7 live chat feature, we asked marketing experts and business leaders this question for their best insights. From increasing engagement rates to dwell time on your website, there are several … Continued

By: Sahil Kakkar

Your customer support team is always on the front line to resolve customer queries, hear complaints and take feedback.  Their interactions with your customers offer lots of insights related to your business. If you apply them to your marketing strategies, you can get even better results.  But, did you ever think that these conversations can … Continued

By: Muhammad Shoaib

The FAQ page tends to be the most neglected page of a website; It’s usually treated as an afterthought, while the homepage gets the most attention. What many site owners fail to realize is that the FAQ page is of great significance and can convert visitors and increase the SEO ranking of your website.  As … Continued

By: Jessica Wise

How many people were in your H.S. graduating class? This might be a strange way to start an article on website differentiators, but humor me for a second. Stop and think back. Whom do you remember most vividly? I bet it’s not the guy that would be classified as Mr. Just-Another-Face-in-the-Crowd. The dude who had … Continued