25 Customer Experience Blogs to Add to Your Weekly Reading List

23 Jun 2021 By: Jessica Wise


Since pen was first put to paper, people have long turned to reading the works of great minds. Some turn the pages to gain wisdom and advice. Others read to learn about a new trade, skill, or school of thought. 

No matter the reason, one thing remains true for us all. We read to become better. 

At HelpSquad, our focus is our customers, and we’ve been doing a lot of reading to become better for them. 

To accomplish that, we’ve turned to the industry’s top customer experience experts and their blogs.

So, if you’re looking to improve your relationship with your customers through the power of reading, look no further. 

Here are 25 customer experience blogs to add to your weekly reading list.

1. Customer Service Blog, Shep Hyken


Shep Hyken’s Customer Service Blog is the stuff of customer service industry legend. From his weekly roundup that features customer service articles from around the web to advice doled out by the best-selling author himself, this blog has everything you need to get on the right customer service track, and stay there. Plus, you can’t help but get a few chuckles out of the customer service comics he pairs with each of his original articles.

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2. blakemichellemorgan.com, Blake Morgan


A Forbes contributor, author and customer experience futurist, Blake Morgan has curated a blog that provides the perfect view of how customer experience is evolving and what we can expect in the future. With a strong focus on digital transformation, you’ll learn how big bands are adapting to meet the needs of the modern customer and about the strategies business leaders and their teams are utilizing to navigate the ever-changing customer experience landscape.

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3. chipbell.com, Chip Bell


Everyone has that one friend that’s really good at storytelling. In the customer service world, Chip Bell is that friend. He’s also a best-selling author and world renowned keynote speaker. Bell has a unique way of taking his personal experiences and crafting them into tales that end in the perfect customer service lesson. You’ll love his anecdotes and this blog!

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4. Inside Customer Service Blog, Jeff Toister

Author, consultant, and trainer, Jeff Toister is yet another amazing storyteller on our list. The “service culture guide’s” blog contains an endless amount of insightful how-to’s, lessons, and tips. Although everything Jeff writes is more than worth the read, our absolute favorite articles emerge when he gives us an inside look at amazing (or sometimes not-so-amazing) customer experiences he encounters in his daily life. He writes in a way that’s relatable, engaging and makes it fun to learn.

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5. CX Journey Blog, Annette Franz


If you’re ready to get down to business, Annette Franz’s CX Journey Blog is just the place to post up and take notes. The author and speaker uses her 30 years of experience in the industry to consistently produce content that schools businesses and leaders on CX best practices and the impact that employee experience has on customer experience.

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6. briansolis.com, Brian Solis

From podcasts and events to interviews with industry experts and insightful articles, Brian Solis’s blog is your go to source for everything CX. Solis is Salesforce’s Global Innovation Evangelist and global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), so it’s safe to say that he’s been around the CX block a time or two. His original content typically has a strong focus on the future of CX, digital transformation, and employee experience. It’s the varying mediums he uses that makes this blog perfect for the busy professional because you can listen, watch or read on-the-go.

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7. Brand-as-Business Bites, Denise Lee Yohn


Brand leadership expert, Denise Lee Yohn, starts where customer experience begins, with a brand and its leadership. Yohn has served as the lead strategist for major brands such as Burger King, Land Rover, Jack in the Box, and Spiegel catalogs and headed up the first ever brand office at Sony. She now channels that knowledge into being a bestselling author and sought after keynote speaker for some of the world’s biggest names. Lucky for us she’s also kind enough to share her insights in her amazingly informative blog, Brand-as-Business bites. If you’re looking for tips on purposeful leadership and brand differentiation, this is where you need to be.

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8. Practical CX, Stephanie Thum


CX consultant Stephanie Thum specializes in customer experience in the government and B2B sectors. Her blog is perfect for anyone who is looking for a take on CX that’s…well…practical. It’s also home to the Mitel Minute, a video series born from Thum’s partnership with remote work solutions firm, Mitel. The brief idea-inspiring videos and Thum’s growing collection of CX solution articles are definitely a resource you won’t want to pass up.

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9. The Experience Maker Blog, Dan Gingiss

Dan Gingiss’s “The Experience Maker Blog” is a world where marketing and customer experience collide. After spending 20+ years in the marketing industry, Gingiss is a firm believer that a remarkable customer experience can serve as the absolute best marketing strategy. Here you’ll find CX insights from a guy who spent years in the trenches with brands like Discover, McDonald’s, and Humana.

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10. Experience Investigators Blog, Jeannie Walters


Jeannie Walters’s trademarked motto is “Creating Fewer Ruined Days for Customers™,” and that’s exactly what her Experience Investigators Blog will help you do. Walters has two decades of experience advising companies how to improve customer loyalty, employee engagement, and customer experience, and it shows in each piece she publishes. Plus, her blog page has some pretty great free resources in the form of her Crack the Customer Code podcast and a 21 Day CX Challenge.

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11. That CX Guy Blog, That CX Guy


The true identity of “That CX Guy” remains a mystery, but his blog is the stuff of legend. The site itself might be no-frills and to-the-point, but his advice is always solid. That CX Guy’s tagline says it all: “Just a regular guy writing about Customer Experience irregularly.”

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12. Customer Bliss Blog, Jeanne Bliss


If your goal is to become a leader in the customer service industry, Jeanne Bliss’s Customer Bliss Blog is a treasure trove of learning and development resources. A 5-time Chief Customer Officer and Cofounder of CXPA.org, Bliss’s self-proclaimed purpose is “guiding leaders around the world – so they can bravely guide their organizations to become the best versions of themselves.” Her blog is conveniently organized into categories like CCO Role and One-Company Leadership, so busy professionals can easily and quickly locate articles that focus on their area of interest.

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13. CEU Blog, Customer Experience Update


The CEU Blog hosts insights from influencers and brand leaders across the CX industry. Think of it as the CX industry newspaper. You can search for articles by topic, dive into countless CX resources (i.e. webinars, white papers, eBooks, etc.) or even build a content widget to display their collection of articles on your own website.

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14. adrianswinscoe.com, Adrian Swinscoe


Adrian Swinscoe is the author of “Punk CX” and the industry’s resident CX punk rocker. With over 25 years of consulting, writing, and speaking experience, Swinscoe helped clients like 1800Contacts, Apple, KFC, and Vonage improve their CX.  Now, we can count ourselves lucky enough that he’s sharing his insights with us! Here you will find interviews with CX leaders and Swinscoe’s thoughts on “customer focus, building a customer centric business, customer experience, service, and employee and customer engagement.”

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15. claireboscqscott.com, Claire Boscq-Scott


Claire Boscq-Scott’s blog brings together three schools of thought you wouldn’t typically expect to see in the same sentence: customer experience, employee experience and feng shui. A sought after keynote speaker and consultant, Boscq-Scott’s mission is to “increase profitability by optimizing workplaces to drive employee performance and customer loyalty.” So, if you’re ready to become a student in #BizShui, grab your coffee and start reading. There are tons of great articles to choose from.

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16. Heart of the Customer, Jim Tincher


When it comes to customer journey mapping, Jim Tincher is the Mapper-in-Chief. He’s also the founder of Heart of the Customer, a journey mapping consultancy firm. The firm’s self-named blog is chock-full of Tincher and his team’s CX insights and expertise. Here you’ll learn how to create a path for your customers that they’ll love to be on.

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17. Beyond Philosophy, Colin Shaw


Colin Shaw is the Founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy, a firm named one of the best management consultancies by Financial Times for the last three years.  Consultant to big names like FedEx, American Express, and Caterpillar, Shaw brings nearly 20 years of real-world CX experience to his blog audience.

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18. tiffanibova.com, Tiffani Bova

Tiffani Bova is the global growth evangelist at Salesforce and the author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book, “GROWTH IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business.” Think of her blog as her CX IMDb page, because it’s where you’ll find every article she has authored or been featured in listed. She’s contributed to Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg, Thrive Global and more! Every time she writes something new, this is where you’ll find it!

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19. micahsolomon.com, Micah Solomon


A regular Forbes contributor and author of 4 best-selling business books, Micah Solomon curates a blog that focuses on creating 5 star customer experiences and cultivating customer-centric cultures. He doles out tons of customer service advice you can embrace and use to improve your CX.

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20. The Michelli Experience, Dr. Joseph Michelli


Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D., C.S.P. is widely known for authoring his collection of best-selling books that offer leadership lessons and principles from major brands like Airbnb, Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, Zappos, and more. Michelli brings years of invaluable knowledge and research to his blog. He also offers some great eBooks for free download. The Michelli Experience will have you delivering memorable customer experiences in no time.

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21. stevenvanbelleghem.com, Steven Van Belleghem


Best-selling author and keynote speaker, Steven Van Belleghem, specializes in customer experience in a digital world. His blog is filled with customer experience stories from across every industry (many of the stories you might have never heard of without visiting his site), and CX lessons that will prove valuable for any business.

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22. customerthink.com, CustomerThink


CustomerThink is your global go-to for everything related to customer experience, customer engagement, leadership, and technology. This is where insights from experts and influencers all over the world converge. Welcome to the land of endless learning and development opportunities.

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23. Experience Matters Blog, Qualtrics XM Institute

Qualtrics XM Institute’s mission is “to create a thriving global community of Experience Management (XM) Professionals who are empowered and inspired to improve human experiences.” Their team is comprised of some of the top experience management professionals and certified customer experience professionals in the industry, and it shines through in their blog. Check it out for pieces on thought leadership, customer experience metrics, guiding principles, and more!

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24. Customer Service Life, Jeremy Watkin & Jenny Dempsey


The Customer Service Life blog is manned by Jenny Dempsey, Customer Experience Manager for FruitStand, LLC and Apeel, and Jeremy Watkin, Director of Customer Experience and Support for NumberBarn. Here two CX gurus join together to offer anecdotes from their real-world professional experiences and customer service tips that will help you improve your EX and CX by tenfold. 

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25. Customer Attuned, Peter Lavers, Dr. Mark Hollyoake, Ellie Luk, Gary Lunt, &
Alan Thompson


The Customer Attuned blog is a group effort led by co-founders Peter Lavers and Dr. Mark Hollyoake. But, the fact that it’s a group effort makes the content all the better. Here great minds and decades of experience join forces to bring us a plethora of valuable, yet varied CX resources. This blog is home to events, webinars, articles, news, advice, and more!

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26. Satrix Solutions, Evan Klein

Evan Klein

For more than 25 years, Evan Klein has been an enthusiastic champion for voice-of-customer-driven change. He specializes in coaching business leaders on the customer and employee-focused strategies that lead to increased profitability and sustained competitive advantage.

Evan founded Satrix Solutions in 2008 to empower businesses to accelerate growth and increase valuation by improving customer retention, expansion, referrals, and sales win rates. The company’s growing list of clients benefit from expert guidance, robust, unfiltered feedback, actionable recommendations, and data that can be relied on to guide important strategic decisions. 

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