10 Ways for an HVAC Company to Grow Their Customer Base

17 Jan 2022 By: Brett Farmiloe


What is one strategy for an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) Company to grow its customer base? 

To help HVAC companies grow their customer base, we asked business leaders and marketing professionals this question for their best advice. From planning a PPC strategy for seasonal trends to using online directories, there are several customer growth strategies that may help your HVAC company grow and sustain a loyal customer base. 

Here is what 10 thought-leaders had to say:


  • Plan Your PPC Strategy for Seasonal Trends
  • Engage in Social Media Advertisements
  • Create a Lead-generating HVAC Blog
  • Partner With Real Estate Agents
  • Use Targeted Advertising
  • Attend Trade Fairs
  • Look at Customer Reviews and Feedback
  • Utilize Local SEO On Your Website
  • Use Online Directories
  • Implement a Live Chat Service


Plan Your PPC Strategy for Seasonal Trends

Leveraging seasonality when running ad campaigns is crucial in the HVAC industry. Google Ads provides reports that will give you a general overview of keyword search trends throughout the year. Consider increasing your budget for specific ad groups during the peak months and invest in remarketing campaigns. A seasonal PPC strategy works best when planned months ahead. This way, you can optimize your bid strategy for more significant ROI in the peak season.

Rebeca Sena, GetSpace.digital


Social Media Advertisements

One strategy for an HVAC company to grow its customer base is to invest in social media advertising. You can target potential customers in your area locally with social media and it is a great way to drive demand for your HVAC business. Utilize omnichannel marketing and market your service on a variety of different social media platforms. This will yield the best success with your advertisements and lead to more leads and customers on your website. This will help you differentiate your brand from other companies in the competitive HVAC industry.

Jeremy Gardner, MadeMan


Create a Lead-generating HVAC Blog

You must expand the material on your website in order to capture more of those search ranks. Remember that Google ranks web pages rather than entire websites, so as part of maximizing your online real estate, you should have pages for all of your lines of business, as well as more specific pages related to those services, such as emergency HVAC repair, duct cleaning, furnace inspections, air conditioning installation, and so on. However, you’ll soon run out of services to write about. So, what are your options?

In my opinion, blogs are ideal for attracting qualified traffic to certain services. For example, a blog titled “Do I Need a New Air Conditioner” fits nicely into an HVAC marketing strategy, as it targets customers who are debating whether or not to replace their air conditioner.

Gerrid Smith, Joy Organics


Partner With Real Estate Agents

Partnering with a real estate agency like ours is actually a great way to grow an HVAC company’s customer base. A real estate agent’s own customers may be in need of HVAC services sooner or later, especially if their clients are getting into older resale homes. In the event a house’s HVAC system is in need of repair or replacement, the homebuyers’ trusted real estate agent can then easily refer them to their preferred HVAC company partner.

Lily Yu, Oak Springs Realty


Engage in Targeted Advertising

HVAC companies can use search engine ads to target specific demographics.  For example, the ads could appear as a local feature when someone is searching for heating and air conditioning repair or installation services.  

They allow you to have an incredibly targeted ad campaign that will help grow your company’s customer base by directly appealing to certain demographics.

Matt Miller, embroker.com


Attend Trade Fairs

A great way to improve their networking is to attend trade fairs. These allow you to increase awareness for your brand, particularly at the level of visual identity. Also, it is a perfect opportunity to broaden your group of contacts, which in the long run allows you to collect feedback from business partners, study trends, or analyze the actions of your competitors. After all, you can reach more customers and improve the business.

Magdalena Sadowska, PhotoAiD


Look at Customer Reviews and Feedback

One of the most effective ways for HVAC companies to strengthen their brand and the services they provide to customers is to look at online reviews and customer feedback. Your company’s reputation is greatly enhanced by positive customer reviews. Customers’ feedback can tell you how satisfied they are with your service. In addition, they inform you things you would not have known about your services. It’s not just the positive reviews that should make you delighted; customer reviews can also point out your company’s flaws. It is more beneficial to have negative online reviews than positive ones when it comes to improving your brand. I would advise HVAC contractors to request client feedback after their projects are completed.

Sumit Bansal, TrumpExcel


Utilize Local Seo On Your Website

Local search, in my opinion, is one of the best strategies to get new leads. After you’ve mastered fundamental search engine optimization, you’ll want to start working on local SEO for your website. Local SEO is essential for HVAC marketing because it allows homeowners and business owners to find you when they are looking for a home renovation contractor or HVAC specialist in their region. I’m sure you can boost your organic search engine ranking by optimizing your website copy –– title tags, meta descriptions, headings, and calls-to-action –– but in this case, you’ll also want to include geo-targeted keywords, such as the city (or cities), state, county, and metro area where you provide HVAC services.

Lauren Cook-McKay, Divorce Answers


Use Online Directories

When faced with difficulty, people turn to the internet for answers, but they may not come across your website initially. Look for alternative websites that customers would visit if they are experiencing an HVAC problem. Websites such as Angie’s List and Citysearch are excellent resources for marketing your business online.

Danny Trichter, Accessibility Checker


Implement a Live Chat Service

live chat service can be hugely successful tool in bringing in new customers via your website. That’s because a live chat service isn’t just the software itself. Its also staffed with pre-trained professionals that greet your website visitors around the clock. Not only does that make your brand available to customers 24/7, its also perfect for growing businesses that might not have the funds or staff size to offer 24 hour customer service. In addition, prospective customers may not be available during your normal 9am to 5pm business hours. What if a prospective customer visits your website in the middle of the might because they work swing shift? With a live chat service, customers can ask questions and have them answered at their convenience. Real live agents will proactively engage with your website visitors as they arrive on your website. Your customers will never struggle searching for the right information again or leave with unanswered questions.

Natalya Bucuy, LiveHelpNow

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