Why you Need our Live Chat Service for Your Website

Why you Need our Live Chat Service for Your Website


Service Offering Explained

We have 4 available plans, all of which have a free trial that you can sign up for at the bottom of our home page. In short, what we can do is help your online business grow by providing highly trained sales and support teams who engage with your customers to drive sales and assist with conversions.
Check out our Live Chat Service page for more info about what we can do for your company.

Do i need separate packages for Multiple websites?

If your websites provide similar services that one set of FAQs may cover, you do not need to purchase separate HepSquad packages for each. However, if the sites have different FAQ’s and branding than 2 plans/codes would be necessary.

What is sales outreach?

Sales outreach consists of multiple parts: 1. We will study your customers and prospects visiting your website, their habits, questions and concerns and will setup triggers on your website to present custom tailored invitations and offers to browsing visitors to secure more sales and keep customers happy for your business. 2. We will scan social media for mentions of your business and specific keywords that would trigger an outreach. Such as following the Twitter user on your behalf, reach out to offer help or promotion, participate in a user group with a message about your business among other things.These are additional services that we offer with HelpSquad and would be best discussed with an account manager.

Is there a discount for resellers?

Yes, we do offer a discounted rate for resellers of HelpSquad services. How many clients would you be signing up with our services?

Can you use my current live chat system instead of LiveHelpNow?

Unfortunately, we are unable to use your live chat system. We use call center grade software equipped with 99.999% uptime, enterprise-level reporting, monitoring, permission hierarchy and many more features required to perform customer service at the quality you expect. You will receive a weekly or monthly report that breaks down all of the analytics.

What is your average response time during live chats?

Our average response time for an initial attempt to engage with visitors is between 10-15 seconds. Once the chat has started, depending on the complexity of the questions, agents will respond between 30 seconds – 2 minutes. Sometimes less if it’s simple. If the questions require research on our part, the agents will touch base with the visitor to let them know they are still there and thank them for their patience.

How long has HelpSquad been in business?

Helpsquad was formed in 2016

What if I go over engagements?

If you were to exceed the # of engagements in your current plan, we would bump you into the next available plan following a discussion with your account manager.

HelpSquad - call center system vs. others

HelpSquad uses call center grade software (LiveHelpNow), which offers us the features we need to support multiple customers effectively, which we do not get from other other tools as they are just simply not designed to support call centers. They are designed for small teams with relaxed support SLA’s. They don’t often provide reports, customer satisfaction tracking, multi-brand workflow customization, among other many things. With our current solution we are able to efficiently support and report on unlimited brands, escalate issues easily, collect order information right in chat or email in a PCI compliant way, accept conversations started by customers using SMS or Facebook, track and damage control negative sentiment automatically. We help grow our customers’ knowledge base automatically, and many more out of the box features are available!
Visit our Live Chat Service page for more information.

What if I am a returning HelpSquad client?

If you have used HelpSquad previously and have gone through our 14 day free trial, you will need to speak with one of our account managers to reactivate a Live account for your website moving forward. Would you like me to put you in touch with an account manager?

How does HelpSquad build up the Knowledge base / FAQ?

One of great things about HelpSquad is if we do not have the answer, we submit a ticket to you. Following, your coach will also reach out to you separately to obtain an answer to that unanswered question so next time we know how to respond!

How do you train agents?

Excellent question! Our agents go through vigorous training. First, they are required to take typing, grammar and spelling test: https://helpsquad.com/challenge Then they go through several working interviews where they are required to browse a randomly selected website and then answer several questions about the product or service the website provides. As far as training specifically to field questions for our client’s websites, first agents are required to review the material our clients provide. Such as FAQs, most common questions and answers, common issues, etc. We also use “screen pop” technology here, which shows all related information about a client we answer the chat for as soon as the chat is accepted by the agent allowing agent to easily find answers and follow specific workflow setup for the client. Such as how and for which case to submit lead forms, process orders or schedule appointments. Our Live Chat Service is so efficient because of our impeccable agents.

Can you go live before training agents?

We can certainly take chats before we train the agents, however we will be limited on answering questions that come up in chat with your visitors. If you want to get started right away, we will be proactive in collecting their contact information and create support tickets for your team so you can reach out to answer their questions. We can do this until our team is trained on your business. We do however like to collect some information prior to getting you setup when at all possible. I can have an account manager reach out to you if you are ready to start the trial.

When can I start my trial? / When does my free trial start?

In some cases onboarding timelines can vary. You have the option to get started rather quickly if your business does not require a lot of training up front, and our agents will be doing mostly lead generation. However if your business is a bit more complex, and you have FAQ’s that we can acquire for training, then we like to spend time reviewing that prior to going live for your trial. In these cases your 14 day trial will start after you’ve been setup, and the team has been trained.

chat bot/ jump-logic?

We do now have the ability to set parameters up front that will allow us to filter chats before they are connected with our team of agents. This works much like our current pre-chat form which allows us to gather some basic info, however, it’s more interactive and we can configure it to your branding and your preferred questions which will allow “if this-than that” capabilities.

How can I keep a history of my chats?

All chat transcripts will be emailed to you upon completion.

google analytics vs helpsquad reports?

Our system will push events to your google analytics, but we will also provide you with our own weekly/monthly reporting directly through our system analytics. This report will contain # of chats, post chat survey results, SMS chats (chats initiated by mobile users who are texting), # of visitors and more.

Do I need to give my credit card information to get started on a trial with you?

We do ask that you enter your cc info prior only to make for a seamless transition from trial to subscription. Rest Assured, the account will not be charged unless you decide to employ our team after the trial is over. Otherwise, your cc info is purged from our records.

What is the cancellation policy?

We offer a month to month subscription, so you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Trial is free?

Yes, your 14-day trial is free of charge. We do ask that you enter your cc information prior to the trial starting so that we can make sure there is no interruption to chat once the trial is over. If you decide not to continue after the trial, then your information is purged from our records. Rest assured, there are no charges or fees during your free trial unless you opt for any of the add ons.

What add-ons do you offer?

Some additional feature add ons are white label services, FAQ composition, SMS capabilities and more. However, it’s best to discuss the specifics with one of our account managers.

How many agents are in each plan?

Depending on the volume of chats that we manage for your website, the number of agents can vary. However, you would likely start with at least 8 agents to monitor the 24/7 chat availability.

Can I use Helpsquad live chat service to answer instagram messages?

We do not offer chat support through the Instagram app currently.

Do you have a contract?

We are a month to month subscription and do not require any contracts. If you would need a contract reviewed by our accounts department, I can put you in touch with an account manager to discuss further.

What is dynamic pre-chat?

Dynamic pre-chat is a feature available in our All-Star Plan that allows you to work with our developers to setup pre-determined logic based on actions and conditions with our bot prior to connecting them with a live agent. If you have specific questions/ would like more details, I can certainly connect you with an account manager to discuss.

Would chats that I take not be included in the ones HelpSquad takes?

If you have access to the panel to take chats, the # of chats taken on your end will still be considered part of the total # of engagements allotted for your account through the plan that you choose. For instance, if your team took 15 and our team took 30, you would have a total of 45 per month and would likely want to choose the plan that allows for up to 50 engagements per month.

Why do you need to know my website's number of visitors?

The reason we like to ask about how many visitors are on your website is because it gives us an idea on how many potential chats we would be managing with live agents on your site.

Do your agents only speak english?

Our agents are trained and communicate in English first. Any other language is delivered in chat via our google translate tool.

How much information do you need?

For serious inquiries, it’s important for us to collect a bit of information about you, your industry & website so that our account managers can properly research the best options for your specific business.

I have agents I would like you to outsource. Do you want to hire/outsource with our agents?

We have worked with outsourcing companies previously, however this would be better discussed with one of our Sales Managers. If you would like to present an offering to our sales team, you can email your details to info@helpsquad.com.

Can I use helpsquad live chat service to answer my facebook messenger?

Our agents can manage Facebook messenger customer interactions for your business page. To get started, please contact your account manager Janna Kline at janna.kline@helpsquad.com, she will generate a link for you to authorize your Facebook page with HelpSquad. Once you complete this step Facebook page messenger chats will come to us to be answered by your Squad.

Can I install HelpSquad live chat service on my shopify website?

We always recommend installing HelpSquad snippet of code via a new tag of Google Tag Manager. If your Shopify website does not use Google Tag Manager(we highly recommend it), then please follow these easy steps: 1. In your Shopify admin, click Online store, and then click Themes. 2. In the theme drop-down, click Edit Code. 3. Insert the HelpSquad code snippet into the tags of your theme.liquid and checkout.liquid code 4. In your Shopify admin, click Save.

Do you collect FAQ's from my site?

If you have FAQ’s on your site, we can certainly pull resources from there. During your trial, however, we start only with 20 FAQ’s. If your site has more than 20, we would like that you prioritize them so that we have a better understanding of which are most common. Once you are out of the trial, we can build more FAQ’s to your knowledge base.

Can you log in to our CRM?

We do not have our agents log into any system other than the chat system they operate out of, including any CRM’s. However, we can submit information to your CRM if you can create an external/public form from within your CRM platform with the required fields and then provide the URL link to your account manager. This way all of the lead/support contacts will be entered directly into your CRM automatically.

How do you integrate with our CRM?

We can submit information to your CRM if you can create an external/public form from within your CRM platform with the required fields and then provide the URL link to your account manager. This way all of the lead/support contacts will be entered directly into your CRM automatically.

How do I obtain a copy of my monthly invoice?

To obtain a copy of your monthly invoice, please reach out to your account manager, Janna Kline via email janna.kline@helpsquad.com and she will be able to send you a copy.

What is the pricing like for reselling the live chat service?

We offer a 10% discount off of the plans that you are in after 3 or more accounts are subscribed. You can then resell the
live chat service at your preferred price point. For more info on reselling, we can have an account manager reach out to you if you prefer.

Can I take chats during business hours and have HelpSquad take them while we are offline?

Yes, it is possible for your team to take chats during your business hours and have HelpSquad manage chats during your normal offline hours. If you would like your team to take chats you would need to make sure they each had their own operator profile on our platform. This is an additional cost than what you would see in the plans on our website. If you’d like, I can have an account manager reach out with more details.

What is real-time coaching?

Real-Time coaching is where the coach that is assigned to your account will monitor and help assist the agents while in chat should they need it. This means that while the chat is active, our team utilizes a whisper feature that is available within the software we use to provide immediate assistance. Feedback is then sent to your team so that we can maintain a high level of chat and response quality. If you want to view the chat activity in realtime yourself, then you would need to either purchase a license or begin in our Pro Plan or higher.

What is your pricing?

Price is going to depend on the plan you prefer, and how much volume you expect on your website. Our plans start as low as $95/month for 24/7 coverage! You can check out the details of our pricing plans by clicking “Pricing” at the top portion of our website or please view pricing here

What is a "Unique engagement"?

A unique engagement is a direct chat between a Squad Member and customer in which the chat is active between both parties. If an agent initiates a chat with a visitor and they do not respond, it is not considered a unique engagement. If a visitor comes into chat more than once within 24 hours, this would not be considered “unique”.

What if HelpSquad can't answer a customer's question?

Sometimes we may need more information from you to address a customer. When this happens, our Squads are great at letting your customers know they need to look into a question more thoroughly before getting back to them. We’ll ask for their email and follow-up with them after we double-check with you. No customer question left unanswered.

How is HelpSquad so cheap? Are you overseas or robots?

Our prices may be cheap but not at the expense of our customers. All of our squads are real, highly-educated, US-based specialists with diverse skill sets and expertises. Our squads work on multiple businesses at a time, so that’s how we keep prices down. We know how important it is to know the people on your Squad, so we always set up an initial video call so you can meet the Squad and they can meet you.
Check out our Live Chat Service info.

Can I have HelpSquad chat service on my website?

We can be installed on any website. We are just a snippet of code. We recommend using Google tag manager in the website. This provides for easy installation. If Google tag manager is not available on WordPress, simple text widget may be used.
Check out our Live Chat Service info.

How can I trust HelpSquad to interact with my customers?

This is a great question and We’d imagine you’ve seen first-hand how quality of service and creating a rapport can factor into a deal closing…often more so than cost. We certainly understand this concern at HelpSquad and truly value the importance of your brand’s reputation. Our Squads are highly-screened and trained to ensure you have comfort with their approach, strategy, and style. This is something we take very seriously and was a major factor in why we started this business. We thought other providers fell short in this department and, as a result, companies were missing out on opportunities to take advantage of the benefits of a strategic live chat sales & marketing strategy.

Is HelpSquad right for my business?

We believe we can help any business grow, but we tend to be the best fit for companies that need a personal touch to help convey the value of their offering. Customers love live chat because it’s like a personal concierge for your web site, and it shows them you care. We help clients across all types of industries, since the personal approach to selling and conveying value is something customers expect these days. We’d love to prove to you we’re worth it, so why don’t you sign up for a free trial and see for yourself? You’ve got nothing to lose!
Check out our Live Chat Service info.

Does HelpSquad get me leads?

YES! And we help you convert leads into sales & meetings that we can put on your calendar for you. One way we do this is by proactively chatting with your site’s visitors, using our award-winning software to target visitors “more likely to buy.” We also use industry tactics we’ve developed through the years as well as provide free recommendations on what needs to be done on your website to increase conversions. Sign up for a free trial and see how we do it.
Check out our Live Chat Service page for more info on leads with HelpSquad.

What type of people are on my HelpSquad?

All of our HelpSquads are comprised of US-Based expert communicators, savvy salespeople, and tech gurus. This combination of skill sets is hard to find, which is why HelpSquad hires 1% of applicants and puts them through a rigorous training program to ensure they have the skills, intellect, and personality to chat with your prospective & existing customers just like you would.

What is an engagement/interaction?

A unique engagement is when an agent accepts a chat that is started by one of your visitors. We also make proactive attempts to engage with the visitors, so if they respond back to that invitation, than that would be also be considered an engagement. If a visitor comes into chat more than once within 24 hours, this would not be considered unique.

What is a ticket?

When customers engage with live chat during the hours where chat is not online, their request creates a trackable “ticket” which alerts Squad Members. Squad Members follow up with the customer as soon as business hours resume, ensuring that each customer gets the support they need.

How do I change packages?

It’s easy to consult with your accounts manager and upgrade your package if needed. This is normally discussed prior to going live, details on how you would like to proceed should your account go over the allotted # of chats in your current plan. You can either go offline, or upgrade the plan automatically to support additional chats. We will keep you updated on the amount of engagements in your “Account Summary Report”, which are emailed weekly to account holders.