Benefits of an After-hours Answering Service

13 Feb 2023 By: Michael Kansky


After hours answering is an efficient business solution catering to busy business owners.

What Is a Good Answering Service

An after-hour answering service is a useful business tool. It provides coverage of customer communications when the in-house team is away. Of course, a business must be able to trust the service provider to ensure its customers are in good hands. To do that, look for specific characteristics from the after-hours answering service to ensure seamless call handling outside of business hours.

  • A good answering service keeps up with modern tech innovations. Today, customers do more than just call for support. They also chat, text, and use Facebook and Google messengers.
  • Well-priced answering service only charges for actual interactions its agents have with customers. That way, if a business receives no calls, there are no fees.
  • It’s important for an answering service to adapt to a business’ wants and needs. Personalized service makes both businesses and their customers feel important and understood.
  • Ask the potential provider for at least two references in your industry.
  • A good answering service does not ask the same question twice. It learns and evolves with you.
  • Customer interactions provide valuable information about the business. They also shed light on customers’ needs. Excellent after-hours answering service religiously reports daily, weekly or monthly statistics. That way, the captain of your business knows which direction to steer the ship.

5 Advantages of After-hours Answering Service

The advantages of hiring a good after-hours answering service are endless. Here are the top 5.

  1. No missed opportunities. Unanswered calls or chats is money walking out the door. An after-house answering service helps catch potential leads. It also enables existing customers to reach you at all times.
  2. Focus and productivity. If your associates are not answering calls, they are free to focus on another aspect of your business and promote growth. Focus on what is important for your business. Let the answering service handle your customers.
  3. Live and 24/7. In the era of ChatGPT, AI, and ChatBots live customer service is rare. Customers notice it. Give your business a differentiator of around-the-clock customer support. Help it compete in the current fast-paced environment by implementing a virtual receptionist to manage calls anytime.
  4. Efficiency. Outsourcing customer service saves the business money. Hire an answering service to reduce overhead. Make your business run more efficiently.
  5. Stronger brand. In the early 2000s TD Bank (then Commerce Bank) opened its branches 7 days a week, extending their hours beyond regular business hours. It also eliminated voice its response systems (IVR). One year later, it captured 40% of the Northeast market. Live 24/7 answering service is not only important for your company image, it is a necessity to ensure customer inquiries are addressed around the clock.
A quality after hour answering service will provide the same high level of customer service that a business does

6 Steps to Choose an Answering Service: Quality + Affordability

  1. Call your friend, ask on LinkedIn, or search Google to compile a list of five answering service companies you want to interview.
  2. Create a checklist of requirements for how you would like calls to be handled.
  3. Interview each of the companies and see its fit against the requirements.
  4. Ask the company for recommendations to improve your processes.
  5. Ask to speak with an agent(s) who will be assigned to your business. Ask how certain situations would be handled. (Examples: irate callers, emergencies, and extremely satisfied or dissatisfied customers.) Ask what the agent likes and dislikes about his/her job.
  6. Ask for at least two references in your industry. Call the references to gauge the experience.

Who benefits from an after-hours answering service?

Many businesses use after-hours answering services to ensure they don’t miss calls after closing. Here are some examples:

  1. Medical Offices – Patients often need to reach out during emergencies or after regular hours.
  2. Law Firms – Clients may need urgent legal advice or support outside of standard office hours.
  3. Real Estate Agencies – Potential buyers and sellers frequently inquire after work, making late responses valuable.
  4. Small Businesses – They use these services for 24/7 support to match bigger companies.
  5. HVAC Companies – They quickly respond to heating or cooling emergencies, which can occur any time.
  6. Plumbing Services – They address leaks and other issues promptly, as these can happen anytime.
  7. Property Management Firms – Tenants might experience issues or emergencies that require immediate action.
  8. IT Support Providers – Tech issues aren’t limited to 9-5; IT support must often be available around the clock.
  9. Emergency Service Providers – Offering round-the-clock responses can be critical in emergency services.
  10. Veterinary Clinics – Pet emergencies require immediate attention, which these services facilitate.

Meet HelpSquad

The after-hours live answering service we developed can answer calls, chats, texts, and social media messenger 24/7. Our call center software is customizable to meet specific customer needs, charges are per interaction, not a flat fee, and we continuously update and evolve your business’ knowledge base (FAQ). And we report each and every interaction with your customers so you have the data necessary to make decisions.

A customer service agent job requires specific personal qualities and skills, much like those needed by a virtual receptionist to provide exceptional phone answering service. This is why we developed our own pre-qualification and hiring process. For example, we have prospects complete our own typing, grammar, spelling, and speech clarity test.

We are laser-focused on compliance and respect for privacy. This is why we comply with PCI, HIPAA, and ADA standards. New customers are pure gold to a business. We developed a process to notify our clients instantly of a new lead, emergencies, or situations that require mitigation.

We integrated with all popular CRMs including Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, and many others and our founders are tech geeks. This is why we always use the latest technology. A true omnichannel contact center, HelpSquad can serve your customer through any communication medium. That includes phone, chat, text, email, and social media.

We want to talk to you. Unlike others, we are always in your face. Not in a bad way. When we talk to you, we have something to share, something to recommend. This could be a change in the customer service scripts agents use or a change in the trend for a product or service we support we noticed. We are customer service perfectionists, and we love customers.

Trending now

After-hours answering service ensures home care agencies remain responsive to clients’ urgent needs at any time, maintaining professionalism and enhancing client satisfaction. This service not only prevents missed calls and potential business loss but is also cost-effective compared to nighttime staffing, thus increasing efficiency and reducing operational stress.

Research by The Beryl Institute shows a significant issue for hospitals: 75% of callers who hang up do not call back, leading to potential revenue losses. The Institute suggests hospitals improve this by expanding call center hours to 24/7, increasing staff, providing better training, and possibly outsourcing. These changes could boost call volumes by 30%. The study emphasizes the importance of these callers who, on average, generate three times more revenue than the overall patient population. This is critical as poor phone communication, highlighted by a Medpage Today article, is a major source of online healthcare complaints, with long hold times and unreturned calls being prominent grievances. Thus, enhancing call center operations could significantly impact patient satisfaction and hospital revenue.

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Finding an After-Hours Answering Service You Can Trust

When searching for a reliable after-hours answering service, start by looking up services with strong online reviews. Sites like Google Reviews or Trustpilot can offer valuable insights. Make sure the service has the right credentials, such as certifications in customer service, which speak to their professionalism. It’s also a good idea to ask for references from their current clients; this can give you a real-world sense of their reliability and quality. Check that they’re available during the hours you need and respond quickly. Finally, consider running a trial before making a full commitment to see how well they handle calls after hours. This approach will help you find a service that’s not only trustworthy but also a good fit for your business needs.

Trust drives growth, differentiates between gaining a new customer and losing an opportunity, and keeps customers returning to buy more, especially when a business offers a 24-hour call answering service that ensures no call is missed outside of business hours. Let HelpSquad answering service captivate your customers with fanatical service, attention to detail, and responsiveness.


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