Professional, 24/7 Live Chat Agents to Grow Your E-commerce Business

HelpSquad’s support agents will serve as an extension of your team by delivering accurate, engaging customer support via live chat, SMS text, or Facebook Messenger.

While you’re marketing your website and dealing with complex supply chains, HelpSquad’s 24/7 support agents will take care of your customers.

Seamless, Affordable Support

Trained specifically on your most critical customer support topics, HelpSquad’s team will serve as a seamless extension of your brand.  We pride ourselves on delivering premium—but affordable— e-commerce support that will convert leads into sales. We’ll also create an engaging experience that both your existing and new customers will appreciate.

Our e-commerce strategy is designed to help you cut overhead costs, while providing friendly, knowledgeable pre-sales service. Always available and always responsive, we will never leave your customers’ questions unanswered. We have the stats to prove our success – and the skills and dedication to accelerate yours.

The Freedom of 24/7

Why staff a new department when HelpSquad can provide you with a cost-effective e-commerce support solution that will improve your bottom line? We will personally greet and guide your website visitors around the clock. HelpSquad’s agents will be there day and night to assist your customers and answer the crucial questions that impact their purchase decisions. 

Give your customers the freedom to inquire about shipping policies, order status, and product features from anywhere at any time. They’ll appreciate the convenience and flexibility HelpSquad provides just as much as you do!

"Agents and coaches learn quickly and give customers and prospects an authentic experience with our brand. We are able to spot patterns via customer interactions with the chat to help improve our business, as well as increasing customer satisfaction."

-Mason Bottle

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

Our friendly support agents are here to answer your questions. HelpSquad has support solutions for e-commerce businesses of any size, and we’re committed to helping you find the right plan to meet your needs. Fill out the form on the right, and one of our team members will be in touch shortly!


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