Landing Page Psychology: 8 Ways to Make More Sales

By: Eileen Chan

Storytelling has always been synonymous with media and PR. Today, the formats of these stories have changed. What hasn’t however, is the inclination of a brand towards being featured in these stories and gaining a significant share of voice in the industry. Companies want to be perceived as an industry thought leaders or brands that … Continued

By: Brett Farmiloe

What is one component to include in an eCommerce marketing strategy? To help you with perfecting your eCommerce marketing strategy, we asked successful online businesses and marketing experts this question for their best recommendations. From building links to focusing on conversion rate optimization, there are several suggestions that may help you with mastering eCommerce marketing. … Continued

By: Lydia German

Every single business that has a website should have accompanying social media profiles to showcase its latest work.  If you don’t, get out of that rock you’ve been living under! It’s easy to post interesting content at the click of a button, whether that’s behind the scenes posts, information about your services, or to share … Continued

By: Natalya Bucuy

How do you want to come across to your followers on social media? Fun, wise, trustworthy? With a suitable Instagram strategy, it’s exactly what you can achieve. For a long time, travel bloggers and fashion brands were the most popular Instagram profiles, but things have changed. Now, more and more B2B businesses are discovering how … Continued

By: Jessica Wise

When it comes to social media marketing, many B2B companies feel that they’ve been handed the short end of the stick. Social media can be a challenging advertising medium, especially when it’s being used to promote an industry-focused good or service. It isn’t easy to develop content that will appeal to a wider audience. So, … Continued

By: Dan Kenitz

For the inexperienced B2B business, getting new leads is a simple proposition. It’s practically a law of physics: The more lead generation services you use, the more leads you get. After all, who doesn’t want more leads? If you can maximize your incoming leads by employing as many lead generation services as possible, that’s the … Continued

By: Natalya Bucuy

Hi, there. Do you need a tissue after watching this?  I sure did.  I’m sorry to make you emotional. But I felt that was the best way to start an article about psychological strategies in marketing.  Duracell there employed one of the great marketing principles – emotional marketing. The connection between parents and children is … Continued

By: Dan Kenitz

Everyone knows how to sell online. You stick to a simple acronym: AIDA. Attention Interest Desire/Decision Action Then you set up a website and… …you have no idea what to do next. Fortunately, there are tools for people who have been in this exact scenario. But while it’s always good to be able to create … Continued

By: Dan Kenitz

I was helping my brother with an estate sale once, and he was having trouble selling what we both thought was the prized item: a perfectly good printer. The printer had no major flaws. It was new-ish. He just didn’t need it anymore. The price was appropriate. In fact, it was a total bargain for … Continued