5 Best Practices for B2B Marketing on Instagram to Promote Your Brand

13 Jul 2021 By: Natalya Bucuy


How do you want to come across to your followers on social media?

Fun, wise, trustworthy?

With a suitable Instagram strategy, it’s exactly what you can achieve.

For a long time, travel bloggers and fashion brands were the most popular Instagram profiles, but things have changed. Now, more and more B2B businesses are discovering how much their presence on Instagram can benefit their companies.

If you’re a newbie on this platform and you’re not sure how to manage your business page, here are the best practices for B2B marketing on Instagram you can copy.

1. Show Your Face

Not only can your face help gain your followers’ trust, but it’s also great for employer branding. And on Instagram, you’ll be able to do both. Humanizing your brand is an excellent strategy as people want to see the real person behind an Instagram profile and ditch the feeling they’re talking to a robot.

Show your CEO’s face, your employees, a little bit behind the scenes… That’s all a contribution to transparency, which people value, especially business owners.

In fact, they’re more likely to give you a second chance after a poor customer experience if you’re doing business transparently.

2. Share Educational Content

Tutorials, explanations, expert quotes, ideas, guides… Educational posts are great for your brand for many reasons:

  • People are more likely to save them for later and return to your profile many times
  • They increase your brand authority
  • They increase your audience’s trust in your expertise
  • They’re easy to create since you can turn your other content (blog posts, for example) into several Instagram posts
  • They can entice your followers and make them want to know what’s inside your paid offer

3. Share Video Content

More than 30% of all Internet activity is spent on watching videos. And since more than 50% of people prefer online videos to the TV, it’s clear that video content is something you should include in your Instagram marketing strategy.

When launching a video campaign, you can use videos in Stories and create IGTVs and reels to share tips and promote new products or services. Videos can improve your reach and help you increase brand awareness.

4. Have Meaningful Interaction with Your Followers

People research brands online before they buy from them, even if they’re already in the store. Chances are they’ll find your Instagram profile and maybe try to engage with you before they become your customers.

Other than sharing the content you’re tagged in, you can take your audience engagement strategy to another level. Interview your followers and have them tell their stories about your brand on your profile. Engage in meaningful conversations with them and prompt them to leave comments – that’ll make them feel appreciated.

5. Create Highlights for Important Information

Before your new visitors decide if they’re going to follow you on Instagram, they’ll check out your feed. But there’s something they’ll see right before they scroll down to your posts – your highlights.

You can use them for several purposes:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Tips and how-to’s
  • New product/service announcements
  • Reviews from your clients
  • Any other set of stories you consider important and want to save on your profile

Sharing sneak peeks into your offer can increase interest in your business, which can help you generate leads and convert them, especially if a business recognizes that you share the same values.

B2B Marketing on Instagram:

Find What Works for Your Audience

Business owners aren’t very different from regular consumers, so what works for B2C companies may work for you too in many cases. Optimize your B2B marketing on instagram by testing different strategies. Find what resonates with your followers.

If you apply at least one of these five tips, you’ll be one step closer to building a strong presence on Instagram and attracting the type of businesses you want to work with.

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