How live chat can do a lot of the sales heavy lifting for you

24 May 2018 By: Jessica Eyre


The typical moving company is a small business, not a large corporation with a dedicated sales staff. So you’re answering your phone, responding to emails and closing sales yourself. If you’re busy talking to potential customers on the phone and answering emails and text messages, then you’re making some deals. But you’re limited by the time you can spend in the office. Because you can’t be available day and night and still do what people hire you for—moving.

With live chat, you can push the communication heavy lifting onto someone else. Then you’ll close more sales than ever! Live chat allows you to respond faster and gives you a competitive advantage. It also increases conversions so you can spend more time moving, not answering and selling.

Respond quickly and gain sales

It’s the 21st century, and people expect to get real-time responses to their questions. They don’t want to wait a day for a return phone call or 12 hours for an email. And time counts when you’re trying to close a sale. Responding in real time also improves customer satisfaction. So your clients will walk away from a live chat feeling positive about their decision to hire you. When you use live chat, you’ll decrease your response time, and your quick reply will help close more sales.

Beat your competitors

People browsing for moving companies online may not see much of a difference. But when you use live chat, and your competitors don’t, you’ll have a major advantage. With live chat, you’ll show them that you’re responsive to their needs, available 24/7, and ready to answer questions and give quotes. So instead of checking out your website and moving on, they’ll stay and give you a chance to convert them from lead to customer.

Increase conversions


A good website may draw customers, but having a live chat representative is like having another sales rep. They can lead a potential customer into a sale, which wouldn’t be possible without live chat. They also can answer questions that would have stopped the customer from booking a move with your company. Having live chat lets your representative talk to a potential customer while they’re shopping. It’s almost like having them in your office.

You’re busy doing the real heavy lifting, so let live chat take some of the sales load. When you add live chat to your site, even if it’s free live chat software like a chatbot, you’ll respond faster and have a competitive advantage. You’ll also increase conversions so you can spend more time moving your customers.

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