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When a client enters your office, the first thing you do is greet them. But how do you extend that same high level of real estate customer service on your website? While some crafty writing can help welcome visitors to your site, it’s still not quite the same as a one-on-one interaction.


But what if someone was “sitting at the front desk” 24 hours a day, seven days a week? When you are backed by a team of live-chat agents, your website has a real person ready to welcome visitors to your site and engage with them.


Erin McCormick, director of lead generation for top-producing broker and trainer Adam Hergenrother, says having a live chat feature is a great way to increase engagement and collect information. Consider this: for every 1,000 visitors, 20 will fill out a form—a measly 2 percent, according to statistics by Kissmetrics. But by utilizing live chat, you’ll find that between 10 and 50 percent of website visitors will engage with a live chat agent. Live chat allows you to build trust with potential customers and offer easy-to-use forms. And because HelpSquad’s agents are available 24/7, there won’t ever be a time when you’re “closed for business.”


Build Trust


shaking-handsIn real estate, doing business is about building relationships—you want prospective clients to be able to trust you. How do you do that online?


One way is to be a source of information and immediate answers. By using live chat technology, your clients and potential clients can have answers to their questions as soon as they have them. HelpSquad does intensive training with all of our agents to ensure that they have the answers and can engage with them in a highly professional manner. This helps to develop a level of trust in your clients because they know they can count on you and your team to deliver the information they need when they need it.


Make It Easy


In today’s impatient culture, visitors to your site are going to spend too much time searching for anything. If a visitor wants to contact you, make sure it’s easy to do so by putting a contact form on every page of your website. And it is recommended to keep your forms simple. Not only should it be easy to find how to contact you, but it should also be easy to fill out the form.


Another way to help visitors navigate your site is with the help of a live chat agent. HelpSquad doesn’t use robots; you are backed by a team of real, US-based people. Agents will be able to point prospects to where they need to go, point out new sections or features on your site, and walk them through any questions they might have.


This can also help with your site analytics. Live chat conversations are archived so you’ll be able to see any trends happening between visitors and chat agents. These logs can also help identify problem areas in your site—where visitors are having frustrations beyond just a high bounce rate of a particular page.


Contact HelpSquad today to see how our live agents can help collect more leads for your real estate business. We’ll throw out a warm mat for your online presence.

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