Simple Ways to Stand Out and Connect with Clients

04 May 2018 By: Jessica Eyre


When it comes to real estate, it seems everyone knows an agent. The field is crowded, and competition can be fierce at times. So how do you stand out and differentiate yourself to grow your clientele and close more deals?

Know Who You Are and Stick with It

Understanding who you are and what you represent is the foundation of building your real estate business. Before people buy a property, they are buying you.

“No matter how great your product or services are, your brand identity is more important. It’s who you are, what you represent and what you care about. It’s who you honor and who your market is,” said David Tyreman, founder of World Famous Company.

And as you look to build your business, whether through employees or technology, you’ll want to make sure everything fits in and represents that brand identity. HelpSquad’s live chat for real estate customer service is set up to be adaptable to your brand. Knowing that bots with predetermined responses aren’t going to work for every business, HelpSquad employs customer service agents to monitor your online live chat. And we train agents to reflect your tone and brand so visitors will get the same high level of customer service as if you were talking with them in person.

Follow Up with Everyone You Meet

It seems like a no-brainer, but this can really take some grit to be consistent. Real estate isn’t a one-and-done type of transaction. It’s a potentially endless back and forth of conversations, whether in person or by email, text, phone calls, or other messaging services. Following up on inquiries and leads and keeping a connection with each one can really be a game-changer for potential clients.

“Keep a diary (manual or electronic), to jot down information on anything that you want to remember about the contact that you just talked to,” says Randeep Nanak of  Realty One Group. “Don’t leave out [anything]. And always follow-up in a timely manner. This will set you apart from the many other Realtors who contact but don’t follow-up.”

HelpSquad can help with this in two ways. One, live chat agents can engage with visitors on your website, gathering preliminary information like what they are looking for an agent, what type of property they are looking for, and their timeline for purchasing. And two, you’ll receive a transcript of each conversation, so you’ll be able to understand exactly how the conversation went, have a written record of each lead, and keep track of the details that can help you make a personal connection with them as you develop the relationship.

Connect Your Clients with a Real Person when They Want It: Now

customer-shaking-handResearch has found that 75 percent of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live person. And a live person can be on the phone or a live chat. If people don’t get to a live person quickly, it can lead to frustration.

With HelpSquad, there’s no waiting: our service provides 24/7 support with real people—no automatic responses from a computer. So regardless of when someone visits your site, be it 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning, HelpSquad will be there to back you up and provide top-notch service. In addition, HelpSquad offers SMS texting, so exchanging information can be quick and convenient.

Contact us today to see how you can up your customer service game in a meaningful way.

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