Going to the Dentist: The “COVID-19” Norm

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely LOVE the feeling of clean teeth after you’ve been to the dentist. Sure, I follow the recommended brushing and flossing rules they say to follow, but nothing compares to the cleanliness of freshly clean and polished teeth. A handful of dental practices were able to remain open during … Continued

Bucks County Businesses Helping to Fight COVID-19

(Feature Image from VisitBucksCounty.com) When COVID-19 struck and the government issued a mandatory quarantine, no one could have predicted or prepared for the financial and economic consequences. It’s been almost two months since then, and businesses are still closed or struggling to stay open.  HelpSquad, along with our sister companies LiveHelpNow and Insane Lab, sprung … Continued

6 Out-of-the Box Ideas For Small Business Reopening

Small business reopening has been on everyone’s mind as the United States nears the second month of COVID-19 quarantine.  With some states lifting restrictions and others preparing to do so in the near future, small business owners everywhere ponder on reopenings. Safety of operations and financial viability become major issues in all cases as the … Continued

How COVID-19 is Changing Health Insurance

Lowen Anders loved her job. For six years, Lowen worked as a freelance contractor for an architecture firm that valued sustainability and the overall health of the environment. As part of her contract, the firm offered her a comfortable salary and health benefits. Because offering freelance employees health insurance benefits wasn’t required, Lowen knew how … Continued

How Dental Practices Are Adjusting to COVID-19 Crisis

A toothache is no joke.  The dullness of the pain and the fact that it’s constant, can make it comparable to childbirth and kidney stones. It is, then, understandable that state governments deemed dentists as essential during the COVID-19 lock down. Even though they are allowed to stay open under certain circumstances, dental practices must … Continued

The 9 Steps of How to Interview and Hire Remotely

From online interviews to working from home from the start. This is what employers need to know. Even under traditional circumstances, interviewing and hiring can be a rigorous process. But, in an increasingly digital world, many management teams have decided to go virtual.   Unfortunately, this doesn’t change the fact that there are still resumes to … Continued

Teletherapy Expansion During COVID-19 Quarantine

The year 2020 will go down in history as the time of change. And rapid change, at that.  The global COVID-19 pandemic forced people to adapt to new ways of working and living. In doing so, some technological and social innovations that had only been used sporadically before, now got full attention. The forced experiment … Continued