Why Your Customers Ask So Many Questions. Spoiler: It’s Your Fault.

By: Natalya Bucuy

“I’ll know it when I see it.” Even though Supreme Justice Potter Stewart said that famous phrase in relation to obscene adult-content films, we can easily apply it to bad customer service. Even if we don’t know what specifically makes it bad, we definitely know when it’s bad.  And bad customer service negatively affects business … Continued

By: Stella Lincoln

Without any doubt, customer support agent performance is one of the most important factors in a company’s growth. About 86% of customers say they will stop buying due to poor customer experience, which costs companies more than $62 billion annually. This is why being a knowledgeable and emotionally intelligent customer service professional is so important. … Continued

By: Rebecca Shinn

Effective communication skills with clients are key to operating a healthy and successful business. Communicating well with customers has a positive impact, and it is one of the ways to ensure repeat business and continuity. Entrepreneurs should always strive to leave customers satisfied and confident in their brand. For instance, if you are running online … Continued

By: Jessica Wise

Nothing is stronger and more true than a parent’s love for a child. As a parent, you strive to make sure your children receive the best medical care, deliberate over which schools they should go to and which foods they should eat.  Wanting the best for your child becomes a passion.  Now, imagine taking that … Continued

By: Jessica Wise

    Since pen was first put to paper, people have long turned to reading the works of great minds. Some turn the pages to gain wisdom and advice. Others read to learn about a new trade, skill, or school of thought.  No matter the reason, one thing remains true for us all. We read … Continued

By: Jessica Wise

I watch my Keurig pumps the last few drops of coffee into my cup. It’s always those last few drips that seem to take the longest. Tired and impatient, I just want to move on with my morning. This stage of the brewing process serves as a great analogy for where we stand with the … Continued

By: Tina Martin

While many small businesses focus their energy and resources on generating new business, focusing on existing customers may be a better place to direct your efforts. A loyal client base is the lifeblood of any business. Loyal customers not only spend more than a new customer, but 65% of your sales will come from existing … Continued

By: Anastasia Stefanuk

One of the main reasons consumers choose one brand over another is trust. Trust helps consumers move through the sales funnel, from initial awareness and sales to advocacy and support.  When businesses fail to instill trust, it’s because they don’t understand what their customers’ needs are. This usually leads to poor customer experiences and lack … Continued

By: Jessica Wise

Recently, I witnessed the perfect storm at the vet. Two staff members were working frantically behind the counter to man the phones and check-out waiting patients. At least 5 pet owners were waiting to pay while also attempting to social distance as their pets whined, meowed, barked and yanked on leashes.     As one … Continued