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09 May 2019 By: Jessica Wise


The Making of the Lehigh Valley's Best Websites

As the 65th largest metropolitan region in the U.S., the Lehigh Valley has one of the most vital economies in the state of Pennsylvania. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the area is home to a plethora of successful and innovative businesses. What we at HelpSquad have also come to realize is that some of those businesses host pretty incredible websites.

So, whether you’re here for design ideas or you’re here to see if your favorite brand made the cut, these domains represent some of the most eye-catching, user-friendly websites the LV has to offer.  Check out our list of the best Lehigh Valley business websites below.


Industry: Marketing – B2B Demand Generation Agency
HQ: Bethlehem, PA

From the moment you land on SmartAcre’s homepage, its contemporary design will draw you in. A consistent color scheme and a repeating geometric pattern (both derived from the company logo) subtly, yet effectively brand the domain. In addition, a layered blend of background video and foreground animation instantly charm the eye. 

Although their creative use of motion attracts attention, it doesn’t take away from the site’s functionality. Plus, its easy-to-use interface and lightning fast load-time deliver a smooth user experience across both mobile and desktop devices.

Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom

Industry: Entertainment – Amusement Park
Location: Allentown, PA

When you arrive on Dorney Park’s homepage, you won’t be able to stop yourself from getting excited about amusement park season. Its visually stunning hero carousel conjures the “family fun” feeling that you’d expect from a place that touts roller coasters and water slides as its main attractions. In addition, its vibrant color palette entertains the eye.  Trust us. Your mouse won’t want to stop scrolling. 

Dorney Park - Best Lehigh Valley Websites

Most importantly, the layout caters to the needs of Dorney’s target audience. This domain’s straightforward navigation makes finding information a breeze.  Moreover, the weather widget and park hours hyperlink located within the header are the cherry-of-convenience on top. Of course, features like this are sure to garner serious brownie points from any multi-tasking parent.

Lehigh University

Industry: Private University
Location: Bethlehem, PA

On this site, interactive content delivers an immersive experience that tells the story of “A Day in the Life at Lehigh.” Lehigh pulls out all the stops with hover effects, video heroes, rollover images, clickable buttons, and embedded videos. Truthfully, their website provides the best visual experience a prospective student could have short of an actual visit to campus.

Furthermore, the university’s site is overflowing with helpful information. Yet, it’s arranged in a way that won’t overwhelm the visitor. Extensive topics are briefly highlighted. Meanwhile, more in-depth details are tucked away behind enticing call-to-action buttons. Lastly, the navigation remains easy-to-follow despite the large amount of material the domain holds. 

Fitzpatrick Lentz & Bubba

Industry: Legal Services
Location: Center Valley, PA

This site’s minimalistic architecture and elegant color palette create a refreshing experience for its visitors. In addition, they use an innovative design approach to represent a trade that might otherwise invite a bland design. Each page is topped with a stunning, full-width image that welcomes the eye. And, its solid layout evokes a steadfast presence.  

Understandably, information structure is important for an industry that’s rooted in complicated subject matter. Thus, bold typography laid over neutral backgrounds guides the user’s eye to each page’s objective. In addition, the domain’s detailed sub-navigation panel ensures that the information-packed site is divided into easily digestible sections.

FLB- Best Lehigh Valley Websites

C.F. Martin & Co.

Industry: Manufacturing – Guitars & Guitar Strings
HQ: Nazareth, PA

Bold & Cool. That sums up Their clean, crisp domain speaks for itself. After just a short browse, there is no mistaking the impact Martin has had on the world of music.

It’s easy to see why this is considered one of the best Lehigh Valley business websites. Everything a visitor could ever want to know about Martin Guitars is laid down at their fingertips.  Striking photos and rich colors greet the eye. As a result, the layout intrigues and encourages exploration.  Large text and supplemental imagery make it easy for users to find their way around. In addition, the copy is truly captivating. For example, Martin makes it a point to spotlight the company’s origins. They also aim to impress with detailed features on the famous musicians that love their instruments.

Martin Guitar - Best Lehigh Valley Websites

Crystal Spring Farm

Industry: Dairy Farm & Creamery
HQ: Schnecksville, PA

When you visit Crystal Spring Farm (in-person or online), you’ll quickly realize that it’s more than just a dairy farm. It’s a creamery, a deli, and a bakery. Heck, it’s an entire experience. Beautiful, full-screen photos with large print captions carousel across the homepage. Subsequently, viewers are promptly introduced to every element of this surprisingly intricate business.  By the time users are through, they will almost be able to hear the cows mooing and taste the hand-dipped ice cream.

Truthfully, this website has a little something for everyone. A healthy mix of interactive elements, bright images, and written content combine to take the visitor on an agricultural adventure.  Lastly, despite all of its pizazz, this domain is carefully organized and enjoyable to visit on any device.

Crystal Spring Farms - Best Lehigh Valley Websites

Just Born

Industry: Food Manufacturer – Candy
HQ: Bethlehem, PA

Just Born’s website is pretty sweet (pun intended). Vibrant colors and high-quality images showcase some of the U.S.’s most popular candy brands. Secondly, it’s fascinating to learn how PEEPS®, MIKE AND IKE®, and HOT TAMALES® originated right in our backyard.

Interactive features and strategic use of color both play a major role in this domain’s success. Moving elements keep the user interested. Meanwhile, embedded videos and enticing calls-to-action encourage engagement. Lastly, contrasting blocks of color do a wonderful job of differentiating between the company’s multiple brands.

Just Born Website

Lehigh Mining and Navigation

Industry: Marketing – Ad Agency
HQ: Allentown, PA

Lehigh Mining and Navigation’s website is simple, yet stunning. Its inventive use of motion, color, and imagery mesh to create a fresh, modern look. LMN also takes the time to reveal the thought-filled process behind each of their projects. In fact, its pages are reminiscent of an art gallery being used to showcase the company’s impressive portfolio. 

Interestingly, the site’s navigation is laid out list-style in the top righthand corner. This unique structure gives each page a sleek, clean look. Moreover, each piece of this domain’s content is strong enough to stand on its own. At the same time, each piece can also be viewed as part of a cohesive whole. Now, that’s web design magic.


Industry: Beverage Company
HQ: Allentown, PA

COLOR. Awesome, splash-you-in-the-face color. That’s the first thing you’ll notice about A-treat’s website. Most importantly, the contrast of bright pigments against black and white photos is the perfect way to display their deliciously flavored sodas. The layout gives the site a vintage feel. Its retro style is also a fitting motif for a brand that’s been beloved in the Lehigh Valley for over 100 years.

A-treat’s domain is entirely product focused. As a result, its “no fuss, no muss” look is reminiscent of a simpler time. For instance, the navigation is simple and pointed. And, the website’s concise and compelling content is steeped in history. Above all, you won’t be able to resist using their interactive flavor picker to dig up all the deets on your favorite pop.

A-treat Website

These websites truly embody each company’s personality. Furthermore, each one maintains a high level of usability. It’s no secret that we think they’re all pretty great. But, we want to know what your favorites are, too! Tell us about your favorite Lehigh Valley websites in the comments!

So, have any of the featured websites above inspired you to make changes to your own webpage? Website design isn’t for the faint of heart. This craft takes talent and a precise combination of right- and left-brained skills. If you’re wondering what you have to do to make your website stand out, check out our latest article on website differentiators.

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