Three Reasons You’ll Wish You Had Whisper Technology Sooner

12 Apr 2018 By: Jessica Eyre


Picture this: You’re interacting with a guest, helping her with her unique needs, when she asks you a question you just don’t know the answer to. You know where to find the person who knows the answer–he’s downstairs in the lobby–but you don’t want to make the guest wait, and you want her to have the impression that every member of the staff is totally capable of meeting each guest’s every need. You wish you and your co-worker were telepathic!

As much as we prepare, sometimes we’re presented with problems or questions no one could have anticipated, and it’s no different in the live chat setting for hotels. Luckily, LiveHelpNow uses Whisper Technology, which allows live chat agents to monitor and coach each other as they chat with your guests.

“Whispers” will only appear for your chat agents, not for your visitors, so it’s almost like the chat agents have that coveted telepathy superpower. Whisper Technology provides guests with real-time answers to real-time problems, helps even the most difficult guests feel validated, and helps your business be more successful.

Your Guests Get Real-time Answers to Real-time Problems

Your website is often the first impression guests will have of your business, so it’s vital that they have a smooth and helpful experience. When you create an account with us, we create customized answers to questions guests frequently ask about your business. So when a visitor to your website asks one of these questions, our chat agents can simply click on the appropriate answer. It’s quick, convenient, and leaves your guests impressed.

But what happens when a guest asks a question the chat agent doesn’t have the answer to? Easy–they can send a “whisper” to other chat agents. Chances are that one of them has been asked this question before. Then the original chat agent can reply to the visitor without missing a beat. Whisper Technology makes for happier visitors because they get answers faster and have an overall better chat experience.

Your Difficult Guests Feel Validated

The customer is always right, right? Well, of course not, and when it comes to live chat in the hospitality business, sometimes they are really wrong! But we always want customers to feel validated and have a great experience with your company. Whisper Technology allows agents to talk about what a difficult visitor is saying and find solutions that please the customer but don’t do disservice to you.

For example, let’s say one of your guests is live chatting on your website to dispute charges to his room and is getting emotional. The chat agent can “whisper” to another agent who has been in this situation before. The other agent “whispers” back the instructions you have given for when this situation comes up. Because the situation has some unique elements to it, the first agent isn’t sure how to best phrase the message. The two agents “whisper” back and forth for a minute, figuring out how to phrase the message based on your values and style.

Chat agents are trained to remain calm under pressure, and Whisper Technology is a great resource that allows them to help each other when difficult situations arise. This leaves the guest feeling validated and helped, giving them a positive impression of your business.

Your Business Gets an Extra Boost

When chat agents are in training, their trainer is right there to observe the chat and whisper suggestions and advice. This is great for two reasons: one, it means that our chat agents consistently represent your business as helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Hotel administrators can utilize the Whisper Technology to suggest solutions and responses. HelpSquad engages Whisper Technology for a period of time with new hotels. And two, it means that the trainer can suggest above-and-beyond actions that help your business be more successful.

Let’s say a visitor is live chatting to ask about her room. The agent answers her questions satisfactorily and is about to ask if the visitor has anything else she’d like help with. Before he sends that message, the trainer suggests that he mention a promotion you have going on right now and ask if she would like to upgrade her room at a discounted rate. The agent passes along the message, and the visitor agrees. She leaves the chat feeling helped and even more excited to visit your hotel.

“Multiple studies have proven that live chat can bring a 20%+ increase in conversion rates,” and trainers can “whisper” and help that happen every step of the way.

Live chat is already a great resource, but Whisper Technology puts it over the edge. Whisper Technology gives guests real-time answers to real-time problems, helps even the most difficult guests feel validated, and gives your business a higher conversion rate. Now, that’s something worth shouting about!