Live Chat Means More Conversions for Orthodontists

06 Jan 2018 By: Jacklin Altman


Getting people to visit your website is one thing, but getting them into your practice is another. There’s typically a major disconnect between a practice’s website and its physical location. Good news – there doesn’t have to be. Employing live chat on your website means more conversions for orthodontists.

Live chat has long been perceived as a reactive customer service tool. Customers come to your site because they have questions, and you have customer service agent at the ready. That’s old-school.

Live chat can be a powerful tool for orthodontists to turn website visitors into patients.

By using live chat proactively instead of reactively, it can become a powerful sales tool, meaning more conversions for orthodontists.

Each time a person visits your site, it’s likely because they’re in the market for orthodontic services. That means that they’re already a lead that you’re likely not taking advantage of. By proactively engaging every user that comes to your website, you turn it into a sales powerhouse.

This is especially critical when you consider that most of your competition is likely ignoring the leads that come to their site, so you can scoop up patients simply by being the first to contact them.

Live chat goes beyond just answering questions.

It allows you to educate potential patients about your various services and add-on. It gives you a simpler, stream-lined way to schedule appointments. Live chat also improve customer service for current patients by resolving issues that they’re having quickly and easily.

With so many possibilities, it’s no wonder live chat leads to increased conversions for orthodontists.

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