Five Ways to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy

28 Apr 2022 By: Sowmya Juttukonda


Every customer is unique and cherishes a company that values his or her choices. How do businesses cater to the unique needs of all customers? The answer is clear. Build a great Customer Experience (CX) strategy that gives your business a direction to delight customers. 

Chris Pemberton, CIO of Transgrid says, “Customer experience is a new marketing battlefront.”

So, this clearly states that It is crucial to create memorable experiences for customers that stimulate their loyalty to your brand. This can only occur by having a robust CX strategy in place.

A survey revealed that 45.9% of the respondents chose customer experience as the top priority in their businesses for the next five years. Most of the time, the churn rate of the businesses is high due to the inability of the customer support representatives to resolve customer problems and provide relevant responses to last-minute queries. Eventually, this results in loss of trust and damage to the brand’s reputation.

If you’re wondering about your CX challenges and looking to increase customer satisfaction with your brand, here are the top five ways to create a great CX strategy.

5 Ways to Create an Exceptional CX strategy

1. Automate Customer Support

Customer interactions with the customer support team have a tremendous impact on future purchase decisions. No matter how easy the product or the service is to use, the customers always have queries and expect them to be resolved in no time. 

Augmenting your Tier 2-3 teams with Tier 1 outsourced live chat support should be an important component of every CX strategy. 

Good customer support levels up CSAT score. Therefore, providing real-time support and quick picture and video guides to customers create positive word of mouth about you.

2. Make Knowledge Base Available Across the Organization

Your team will work efficiently unless there is no clutter in their head. Using a readily available AI knowledge base can streamline customer support services in the following ways:

  • The support team can monitor words and phrases that can improve the navigation and overall experience
  • Reduce training costs, enhance training standards, provide a clear flow of information and define strategies for a better experience.
  • Finally, you and your support team will better manage content, ensuring long-term customer success.

Hence, these key things in your CX strategy will provide you with an improved customer experience and will further help to gather valuable feedback.

3. Utilize Customer Data to Improve Experiences

Using the Document Management System (DMS) and the Knowledge Management System can be a big benefit. It will allow access to all the information and convert it into actionable data. So, including this in the plan of curating a perfect CX strategy will surely help. There are a couple of ways to do it, and here is a list of some of them.

  • Start with collecting all the inventory of current customers and organizing it into one place, and proceed with valuable insights helping you in further engagements.
  • Map out the customer journey and their experiences. Brake it into steps, assess customer satisfaction, and improve their experience to its best quality at each stage. This will also allow a look for subsequent sales conversions.
  • Finally, the support team can improve its strength and integrate multiple APIs with cognitive decision tree software (DT) to auto-traverse primary customer data. This will empower the team to reduce the Average Handling Time and maintain consistency across all the channels.

Hence, these are the ways to eliminate negative customer experiences and promise them excellent service.

4. Empower Agents With the Right Customer Service Tools

It is critical to ensure that the agents use the right customer service tools. Providing the right support at the right time can be fruitful in retaining customers.

  • Pop Up forms are an intelligent method that should be included in your CX strategy. They can help grow email lists and gather customer feedback. 
  • A unified Knowledge base for customer support will help reduce the madness that drives agents and customers crazy and make information access faster and simpler. 
  • Building multilingual capability will make customers less hesitant in sharing their queries with you. 
  • Equipping the support team with the right tools will solve customer questions and execute the appropriate actions with a few clicks. 
  • Add chrome extension to the support team toolkit. That will reduce toggling between screens, save time, and effectively increase the efficiency per agent.

Adopting these tools and making them part of your CX strategy is the need of the hour.

2022 is the year to maximize the value of data that #callcenters generate.
With advanced technologies like conversational AI & speech analytics, businesses can enhance #CX, support human-agents, & stay ahead of customer expectations. via @dtnewsonline.

— Ozonetel Communications (@Ozonetel) March 16, 2022

5. Enhance Self-service Capabilities

Many customers choose not to get on phone calls with agents and like to find the solutions on their own. Moreover, the pandemic has raised the need for contactless support and self-service. According to the customer service statistics, 73% want the in-built feature to solve issues without contacting the support team. Indeed, 91% of customers would use an online knowledge base if it were available and tailored to their needs.

It expands the customer’s knowledge and provides them with the tools they need to solve other similar problems in the future. Also, intuitive self-service options enhance your brand’s reputation by creating positive customer interactions. 

Furthermore, you can leverage AI chatbots to assist customers and share instant responses with them. To build a great CX strategy, you need to make sure your customers have the right tools to solve customer challenges with ease. In the long-term, these self-service tools will enhance your company’s ability to convince customers, making them loyal and effectively reducing the Customer Effort Score (CES).  

CX Strategy is an Essential Part Of Business Strategy

In today’s era, delivering positive customer experiences is a must. And so, to do that, companies ought to get their CX strategy right. Once you understand your customers well, you can use that knowledge to personalize each of your interactions. 

An so, today’s customers have unprecedented power and choice. Therefore, companies are responsible for holding long customer engagements and making the drive seamless across all the communication channels via the CX strategy. At last, your support team or, in simple words, your contact center agents should be your priority. Equipping them with apt technology will boost their morale and help make the end customers happy.

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Sowmya Juttukonda

Sowmya Juttukonda is a content developer and digital media strategist. She currently works at Knowmax, a knowledge management solution for enterprises who want to boost their customer service agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction.