How Customer Service Outsourcing Can Help Your Business Thrive

01 Sep 2022 By: Natalya Bucuy


Outsourcing customer service can change how businesses handle client interactions and manage costs. Some companies fear losing control or reducing service quality when outsourcing. Yet, with a good partner, they can enhance their customer service significantly. This article explores how to pick the right outsourcing firm, use their technology, and improve customer engagement and efficiency. It also tackles common worries and offers tips for a successful outsourcing journey.

Outsourcing Customer Service

Customer service outsourcing can enhance the customer experience. An external provider can support various areas, assisting or leading the full-time team. They handle inbound and outbound calls, manage repetitive requests, monitor social media, and support upselling and cross-selling.

Choosing the right partner is vital for successful outsourcing. This article will discuss common concerns and the advantages of outsourcing customer service.

Key takeaways

  • Outsourcing customer service involves hiring an external provider to handle customer support tasks such as inbound and outbound calls, social media monitoring, and support requests.
  • Selecting the right outsourcing partner is essential for success, and it involves finding a company that offers a free trial and has a dedicated team that you trust.
  • Common fears of outsourcing customer service include a lack of control over customer service, the outsourced team not having industry knowledge and security breaches.
  • To overcome these fears, it is important to find a dedicated team you trust and try them out, choose a team with a streamlined onboarding process in place, and select a team that employs high-quality security features.
  • The benefits of outsourcing customer service include cost savings, improved quality of service, hands-off onboarding, sales boost, access to top-notch technology, and valuable customer behavior data.
  • To measure the success of outsourcing customer service, businesses can look for increased sales, higher customer satisfaction, lower customer service costs, and relief for the internal support team.

Challenges of Outsourcing Customer Service (And Ways to Overcome Them)

Let’s tackle the challenges and concerns of outsourcing first. If a company hasn’t considered outsourcing yet, there must be reasons for hesitation.

Fear: Lack of Control Over Customer Service

Most business owners have a bit of a control freak in them when it comes to handling their customer service team, which is understandable. You want the best for your business, and trusting another agency with your customer service operation can be daunting.

Remedy: Find a Dedicated Team You Trust and Try It Out

Trying new things is essential, and finding the right outsourcing provider is no exception. Do your homework—read reviews and interview potential account managers. Go for a company that offers a free trial. You’ll quickly notice changes and results.

Meet with your outsourced account managers regularly. Develop clear communication plans and review customer interaction transcripts with your team. These steps ensure your account is managed well. A good fit maintains your unique brand voice in customer communications. Building a strong relationship with a trusted company is key to easing your concerns and enhancing customer experience.

Fear: Outsourced Team Might Not Have Industry Knowledge

No one understands your business or industry as well as you do. It can be scary to entrust your customers to a team that may not be as knowledgeable or empathetic as your own.

Remedy: Pick a Team with a Streamlined Onboarding Process in Place

The outsourced team may not know every detail of your business initially, but they should aim to. A comprehensive knowledge base is crucial. Ensure the team you outsource to has what they need for effective customer support. The onboarding process should be detailed yet straightforward.

Fear: Security Breaches 

Securing customer information is essential for maintaining trust and retaining customers.

Remedy: Select a team that employs high-quality security features. 

A strong technological infrastructure is key to protecting customer data. A reputable outsourced team should securely handle sensitive information, like PCI, PHI, and HIPAA data, across live chat, text, and email. This includes loan applications, credit card details, and medical records.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service 

Outsourcing customer service offers many benefits. Here are some top reasons to consider it. 

Cost: The Numbers Speak for Themselves

In-house customer service goes beyond salaries. It includes health benefits, overtime, training, and vacations. Without dedicated agents, other employees must handle customer service, diverting them from their main roles. Customer service can be costly.

“Many companies have realized that outsourcing customer service is often a less expensive alternative to hiring full-time customer service staff in the office,” says Janna Kline, Operations and Accounts Manager at HelpSquad. “Companies have to pay them salary and overtime during busy seasons, which can add up to as much as 60 percent of costs.”

Outsourcing offers a fixed monthly fee for access to trained agents who don’t require additional benefits. It can be up to 50 times cheaper than hiring in-house staff. Also, training costs for in-house agents add up, and if an agent quits, that investment is lost. With outsourcing, knowledge stays with the service provider. They have processes for quickly onboarding new agents and virtual assistants, reducing your workload.

A Rise in Quality: Good Service Means Good Business

We’re not saying your in-house customer service agents are inadequate, but outsourcing companies can offer scalable solutions. However, small business owners often juggle multiple roles, including customer service. When things get busy, outsourcing can boost service quality.

Specialized customer service agents, trained exclusively in this field, often deliver superior service. Better customer service translates into better business.

To determine if an outsourced team is effective, try a free trial. At the trial’s end, evaluate these aspects for quality assurance:

  • Do customer service agents grasp the subject matter expertise when it comes to your business (through the onboarding process and  FAQ on how our customer service provider can improve your customer retention strategies.)
  • Do they repeat mistakes? One mistake is Ok, two identical mistakes are not.
  • What are the response and resolution times; is it speedy? Did your First Contact Resolution rate, a critical metric in customer retention, go up or down?
  • How empathetic are the customer service agents at your call center?
  • Does the account manager understand your business? Do you like him or her? Is he or she responsive?

Training: Hands-Off Onboarding 

Owners and managers know their business best, but leveraging a customer service operation can’t always be direct points of contact for customers. Outsourcing customer service to experienced agents is an effective alternative, sparing the need for extensive training.

During the onboarding phase, agents quickly learn about your company, focusing specifically on your needs. These already trained agents use this information to serve your customers without requiring additional training.

To maximize benefits, it’s crucial for outsourced teams to understand your brand deeply. Provide essential business details and your customers’ most asked questions with precise answers. Clearly define the customer care aspects you want outsourced—be it tech support, administrative tasks, phone system management, sales support, or resolving inquiries. Moreover, continually update and expand your FAQ to keep it relevant. Regular communication with your outsourced team ensures they meet your company’s ongoing needs.

Sales Boost: Customer Service Sells

Data reveals a clear link between consistent, high-quality customer service and increased revenue. Studies indicate that prioritizing customer service can boost profits by 4-8 percent above market levels. However, the benefits extend beyond just retaining happy customers and securing repeat sales.

Trained agents directly interacting with customers initiate a beneficial chain reaction across the business. One crucial role for live chat agents is gathering customer feedback. This feedback, along with data on recurring issues, is invaluable. Companies can use this information to identify and rectify flaws, enhancing the business and boosting future sales.

Additionally, satisfied customers often become advocates for your brand, especially in today’s era of viral content and social media influencers. Effective customer service enhances social selling and spreads positive word of mouth quickly—just as negative reviews can spread rapidly, making excellent service vital.

Overall, employing trained agents to deliver top-notch service is a strategic move to foster business growth.

Access to Top Notch Tech: Doorway to Innovation  

Having top-notch agents is crucial, but so is the technology that supports them. When you outsource your customer service, reputable agencies typically possess advanced technology. This is essential for maintaining competitiveness in their market.

Access to high-efficiency tools through these agencies enables optimal customer support. The best tools offer essential customer service features, such as rapid response times—current expectations demand a connection to a representative within a minute. Furthermore, integration with social media, omnichannel support including live chat, and SMS capabilities are critical. An easy-to-use interface for your online customers is also a vital technological consideration. These technological assets are key to providing quality customer service.

Reporting: Know Your Customers

Business intelligence is a key technology in customer service outsourcing, offering critical insights into customer behavior. Your support agents directly interact with customers, gathering data that reveals valuable patterns and preferences within your client base.

The analytics from outsourced contact centers deliver weekly or monthly statistics and reports. This data can highlight the busiest times or pinpoint the most popular products or services. It also identifies common customer inquiries, tracks trends, and provides information on customer locations, their history with your company, contact frequency, and the specific landing pages they visit on your website. These insights are instrumental in refining your business strategies.

How Do You Measure the Success of Outsourcing Customer Service?

After outsourcing, it’s crucial to monitor the process. If the outsourced customer support team is a good match, the positive results will be evident:

  • You should see Increased sales by 5 percent or more
  • Satisfied customer reviews and surveys frequency should increase
  • Your business should see lowered customer service costs by as much as 50%
  • The internal support team that may have previously been overwhelmed with support inquiries, will feel the relief and will be able to focus on important business growth tasks.

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The Philippines offers an advantageous mix of an English-speaking, culturally aligned workforce and high-tech customer service solutions. This blend not only aids in managing costs effectively but also improves the quality of customer interactions. By emphasizing CX, companies are transforming customer service from a basic expense into a strategic asset that boosts customer loyalty, increases sales, and drives growth. This narrative highlights the evolution from seeing outsourcing solely as a way to save money to a valuable strategy centered on CX.


Choosing the right outsourcing service can transform how a company handles its customer service. A robust call center service provides a structured environment where customer queries are addressed promptly and effectively, ensuring that every customer feels valued and satisfied. This level of service is integral to a center service that prioritizes customer needs and aligns with the broader business needs. By doing so, companies not only improve their operational efficiencies but also strengthen their market position through superior customer service.

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